1. kmb89

    Photos from today (pic heavy)

    Helios came out for a bit today, before he got his sunning I snapped a few pics with the gf and I. Here we go! :D :):):):):):):)
  2. summoner12

    Tonight, finally!

  3. summoner12


    Lenny and Chris sleeping. It took a couple of attempts to get this shot... Lenny is a light sleeper, so as soon as any lights come on she wakes :rolleyes: Lenny is ready to explode with her clutch of eggs... still no interest in the laying bin... still eating... guess shes not ready :o...
  4. summoner12

    Enjoying the mist...

    Henry taking a shower and drinking some water.
  5. summoner12

    Fluxlizard Juvi Melleri Keepers UNITE!

    Just wondering how everyone is doing that purchased one of Fluxlizards CBB melleri. I figured we should all post a photo or two if ya have some. If you don't have a picture, what are you waiting for?! I didn't have a name for my little guy for a while. After some thinking I came up with the...
  6. summoner12

    hello my name is....

    He has a little friend already. :)
  7. summoner12

    Playing around...

    Was playing around with my camera tonight. Decided to try out some more remote flash lighting and using a white drop. This isn't a soft box... so the lighting is straight from the flash. I was using my 550EX on slave mode and using my ring flash . This is Betty. and Pat.
  8. summoner12

    Newer guy... or girl? Airin.

    Here are some pics of the new guy. His/her name is Airin (Erin or Arron) I got him/her at the Pasadena show. Thanks Chad and Darci :) The first couple of days were kind of normal... not eating, scared of Renee and I... had yellow coloring. I hung a cup of crickets in the free range for him to...
  9. summoner12

    Hey baybay!

    So this past weekend I got another melleri. I was showing the new guy to Sam (who i got at the last show) and Sam got all fired up...... So I placed the new guy into the free range where Lenny and Chris used to live. And then I went and got Sam. It would be safe to say Sam is Samuel and not...
  10. summoner12

    Melleri Speak

    Today I placed Sam, a newer WC with Chris and Lenny in the new free range. The first time I put him into the range he went after little chris. He was flapping his lobes and shaking his head... chris gave him the 'oh sh**!!!!!' look and kinda ducked... then stood his ground and flapped back at...
  11. summoner12

    Issue with lobe.

    On Thursday night I took Lenny to a herp meeting as a 'show and tell' item for a presentation Elisa was giving. I haven't handled Lenny in a few days... and I noticed a discoloring on her right lobe. Renee had noted some rough housing between Lenny and her tree mate, Chris. She did not see...
  12. summoner12

    What do you think?

    If anyone in CA runs out and gets this plate I will hunt you down..... But what do ya think? super geek? :p:D:cool: My GF says "NO WAY!". I say "I pay the bills..." I think it would be neat... but she is right... extra $30 each year for my already $241 registration fee..... :o
  13. summoner12

    Lenny and Chris

    I do not know if they are a couple.... I do know Lenny is female and that the two of them get along, or so it seems. :o Here are some pics of them hanging out..... Lenny doesn't like the camera... so the mild gaping and spotting are directed at me... taking pics of them...
  14. summoner12

    New Melleri: Sam and Alex

    This weekend at the NARBC show in Anaheim I acquired two melleri. Both are WC . One is a bit beat up compared to the other. Sam is an adult and Alex is a juvenile. We went with ambiguous names as is our tradition since we don't know the sex of them. I don't have many pics of Alex yet... but...
  15. summoner12

    Blue Henry.

    I took a pic of Henry just a few minutes ago. Hes hanging out under his new T8 lamp.... getting ready for bed.... His blue comes out better when he is relaxed.
  16. summoner12

    Lenny and Pat sitting in a tree....

    I put Pat into Lenny's range this morning. Lenny doesn't seem to mind him too much but Pat is ALWAYS on his guard. I think he has a Napoleon complex :D. I put Pat on a branch away from Lenny and he went right over to her basking area and climbed up some light branches to get some 'sun'. He...
  17. summoner12

    Melleri 'junk'?

    I heard Henry pooping today.... or farting..... He hasn't pooped in a while just has nice healthy white urates. But, when he goes potty lately he seems gassy.... So I notice. Today I took some pics. I have seen this before but have not been able to catch it on 'film'. Is this his...
  18. summoner12

    20g VS. 580g

    This is 'the new guy' next to Henry :eek: Both are Melleri chams. Henry is a WC I acquired from a local keeper who was moving and 'the new guy' is from Mike at FLChams.
  19. summoner12

    Henry's Lobe.

    OK. So today I got home from work. Henry got out of the cham room. I need to come up with something better to keep him in the room without closing the door. Well I found him in the 'dining room' asleep on some stuff on a table. I took him over to Lenny to let them meet and greet some more. I'll...
  20. summoner12

    Melleri Feet

    I wanted to get some input from you fellow Melleri keepers. This is Henry, I got him from Megan, shes a member of the forum. He LOVES his mulberry tree, but the branches are small. I zip tied some large Jungle Vines to the branches I noticed him resting on the most. Should I be worried by...
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