1. Shedding Sucks

    Shedding Sucks

    Meller’s chameleon kicking off his shed.
  2. LilBlue

    New Chameleons - Deremensis and Melleri

    A dream come true for me! On Saturday I picked up 0.0.2 Meller's, and 1.1 3 Horn Usambara Chameleons. My local reptile store brought these guys in, saw he posted them Friday night on fb and I was there at opening next morning :D First thing was get everyone showered, they all drank well and...
  3. shaneofall

    T. melleri - 2 new sub-adults

    I picked up a couple more Melleri today listed as "Long term captives", and are maybe 18 inches and half the weight of my other Melleri, so very young. Not sure the history on them other than that. The one on the left fit an elongated stature, while the one on the right showed a much deeper...
  4. LLLReptile

    Huge new Meller's Chameleons in stock!

    Killer looking group, several are huge! Group ranges 15 - 23" $119.99 each Click here to see full catalog or order these! -Jen
  5. d3s5

    Melleri Test Results

    I found a new vet that not only has experience with chameleons, but also has had some experience with Melleri. I had their 3 fecals tested and Medjumbe came back positive for pinworms. Because they free range together, Mocuba and Medjumbe are both being treated with Panacur. He prescribed a...
  6. d3s5

    Melleri Mating Attempt. . .

    Well, Mocuba finally accepted Medjumbe's advances. It didn't work out too well... First, Medjumbe tried to mate with Mocuba's head. He got himself turned around. . . And then. . . Turned a really strange color. . . And closed his eyes/fell asleep???? For several...
  7. d3s5

    Mellers One Year Anniversary (4-20-14)

    Tomorrow will be one year since I got my first two Melleri. They are doing well. I believe, based on their behavior that I have a male (Medjumbe) and a female (Mocuba). I have seen Medjumbe approach Mocuba tentatively, head bobbing and lobes flapping. When he gets within 10" Mocuba turns black...
  8. summoner12

    AquaZamp - Captive Bred Melleri

    I have an adult captive bred melleri available. He/she is a Fluxlizard baby from a couple of years ago. I would like to find Jaimee a new home with an experienced and capable keeper. If you are local I will have lots of extras available. And, if you don't already have an AquaZamp system...
  9. summoner12

    FS - Captive Bred Melleri

    Hello. I have a Fluxlizard Captive bred melleri that i've raised since about 3-4 months old. He/she is now I think 2.5 years old. His/her name is Jaimee. I am downsizing even more on my collection due to a up coming move where I won't have room for more than a couple of chameleons. I...
  10. d3s5

    Melleri Room Finished!

    I had planned on completing this room last July. Permit problems and my wanting things just the way I want them delayed the project. But I'm happy with the results. It was difficult to get photos of the whole room at once because it is so small (9x10), but I hope you like it! I still want to get...
  11. NWD

    Pair of mellers

    Hello I am picking up a pair of mellers tomorrow. They are both wild caught and very large adults. They appear very healthy and have been in the shops possession for about three months. They have been treated once for worms but the medication used was not know by who I spoke with. They are...
  12. LLLReptile

    Mellers, oustalett's, jacksons, and baby panthers all in stock!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" $39.99 each Video Small CB Veiled Chameleons 4.5" - 6.5" $49.99 each Medium CB Veiled Chameleons 9 - 11" $59.99 males / $65.99 females Video Sub Adult Male Veiled Chameleons 12 - 14" $89.99 each Adult...
  13. Chameleons Northwest

    Treating abscesses- great, detailed, step by step photo heavy, tutorial by KF

    Abscesses are not uncommon in certain chameleon species, and wild caught imports frequently arrive with them. Kristina Francis, of the Melleri Discovery website, created an excellent tutorial on treating abscesses. It is in a Mellers' foot but the same would apply to any cham species. I have...
  14. summoner12


  15. summoner12

    Mantid Snack

    This is my female melleri Lenny having a mantid snack later afternoon. She was a bit aprehensive about the prey.... but then suddenly took interest. Not much meat to a mantid... but it's a good mix up from the crickets, supers, silks, butters, horns..... crunch Chewing...
  16. summoner12

    Deadliest Strike! Almost....

    and..... she missed :( The horn worm didn't survive the next tongue attack :)
  17. summoner12


    Jaime finds some funny spots to sleep... He likes to be on smaller branches and near the end of them sometimes. It must be instinctual... in my reading, melleri (and most chameleons) tend to do this in order to escape predators in the middle of the night. When the branch moves too much and...
  18. summoner12

    Some Melleri Photos (pic heavy)

    Sam hanging out with me by the computer. He has some nice blue on him... it only comes out when he's calm. full body pic... hes a big guy, just a little lanky. Sam sleeping at night... Chris asleep... Henry asleep.... Lenny asleep.... Lenny, Sam and Chris having a chat about...
  19. jessica

    My Melleri

    Well I have added a couple new additions to my Melleri family . Both are wild caught, I've had them for close to 6 weeks. This is Joy, s/he is a little camera shy and she looks a little rough. These were taken over the last few weeks And this is my little Crab...
  20. kmb89

    Melleri sunning (pic heavy again!)

    Helios gets 30 mins in the Arizona sun this morning, any more and he'd be toasted! :eek::D [edit] Such a beauty. The one where he's in the tree is my favorite:cool:
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