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  1. Background story of Majic

    Majic is a two month old baby veiled chameleon that was being kept at a local pet store. His encloser was entirely glass, and not even a foot in either length or height. He was fed poorly, not nearly enough for a growing baby. Since his enclosure was so small, Majic was constantly over heated and most of the skin on his forearms had been scorched off from coming to close to the heat lamp. Overheated, sick, malnourished, and injured, this was the way I found him. I was only looking around for...
  2. Bee Rescuing

    So this isn't usually what I blog about exactly but it was a light and funny topic, it also ended in a great way. I have a colony of carpenter bees that live in a weird wooden awning I have outside. We have always just let them be. They don't bother us, and pollinate stuff even though they aren't as great at it as honey bees and bumble bees. But I love the carpenters. It's always interesting when they have a particularly busy day and your backyard is swarming with around 15-20 very large...
  3. How I met Dewey and How He Change My Life Forever Part 2

    The rest of Dewey's introduction.
  4. How I met Dewey and How He Change My Life Forever Part 1

    My service dog and how he and I saved each other.
  5. Introductions of almost everyone Part 3

    Last introduction in this blog series.
  6. Introductions of almost everyone Part 2

    Part two to Part One
  7. Introductions of almost everyone Part 1

    Introductions of the animals.
  8. Me and How I Came Here

    This is my introductory post.
  9. Where do I Start? Guide to the forums...

    Here is a quick guide to the Forums and how to get around. This will hopefully help you navigate and find the information you are looking for.
  10. Common First Question...

    For many new keepers the first step to success is to try to avoid the mistakes caused by improper husbandry. These topics and Q & A's may help you to avoid the most common issues. Many of these topics have been discussed over and over in detail on the forums and the search tool will bring you countless answers to your questions, but this entry can be a starting point if you like ;). Although you can feel free to comment here, you will definitely get more responses if you start your own...
  11. New member.

    Hey all, I'm new to chameleon forums, just got my new veiled called Bender.
  12. Vander the Nosy Be x Ambilobe Panther

    :) Got my new 6 month old boy today :) He is already showing some beautiful colors.
  13. Post Cheap Outdoor Enclosure Success and Directions!

    Through different research and through topics found on chameleon forums, I was able to put together my own rendition of an outdoor cham enclosure. In no way am I claiming rights to this, I just want to give back to that which has given me so much knowledge. I am not responsible for any injuries to you or your animals—use to your own discretion. Altogether this cost me about $30, some supplies I had while others I ended up purchasing. You can get everything at your local Home Depot. In my...
  14. Incubation notes T. quadricornis

    Incubation notes for Fynn