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  1. Im back!

    SO, I've been busy with personal stuff, but I'm finally back! I got some really cute pics of Leon! Also he loves to be outside.
  2. Leon the model!

    Okay so now its July! So that means that the monthly contest is here. I really like taking pictures, but I have a bad camera. I take Leon out for the first time to take some pictures of him, he turned very bright but my mom decided to put a filter on him for some reason. I took other pictures of him inside but here are some of my favorites!
  3. Shedding

    DISCLAIMER: I feel like ill never catch up to the present day so I'm going to skip some of these past days, unless something awesome or cute happens with Leon sorry about this. I'm skipping to July 2nd, 8th day of living with us! Leon had already been showing signs of shedding when I first got him so I knew that it'll only be a matter of time until Leons first shedding with us. It only lasted a day but for that day Leon looked pretty cool, he turned a nice shade of brown. I was at my...
  4. Posing for the edits!

    I think Leon is a natural Model, whenever I need him to pose for a picture, he gives me his best for the picture! On the third day of having Leon I was finishing up some edits I made of him when I was taking pictures of him. He was being such a calm boy! He didn't even puff up when I got close to him. I'm going to some pictures I edited of him and pictures I just took because he was pretty.
  5. Leon settles

    Now most people say that chameleons usually take around two weeks for them to settle or to do anything in front of someone, I'm not sure if that's true or not but Leon surprised me when he did all of those things on the first and second day. I was freaking out 24/7 because of how chill Leon was, I wasn't the chill the one in this case! I had heard that some people use a, what was it called? Open cage? I'm not sure what exactly its called but its a cage that lets the chameleon kind of roam...
  6. Leon comes home!

    Leon was anticipating for so long the sweet, sweet, release out of the carrier cage into his bigger home. I took him out, put him in and watched him change instantly as he sat on the vine he clang onto. We watched him eat his first crickets in his new home. I was absolutely amazed by how far his tongue shot out. Leon has adjusted quite well in his new home, I think he really likes it! Here's a pic of him on his first day in the cage. As you can see I am absolutely the best at taking pictures.
  7. The trail to Leon

    I got Leon at a place called the "Reptilian Nation Expo" the man selling him said he was the healthiest, I believe it! The expo was so amazing! The only off setting thing was the way the man grabbed Leon to show me how awesome and healthy he is, he grabbed him very forcefully to make sure he didn't move away, kinda scared me to be honest, but I know Leon wasn't getting hurt. My grandma had finished paying for Leon, the man put him in a yellow carrier case and off we went back to Leons new...
  8. Background story of Majic

    Majic is a two month old baby veiled chameleon that was being kept at a local pet store. His encloser was entirely glass, and not even a foot in either length or height. He was fed poorly, not nearly enough for a growing baby. Since his enclosure was so small, Majic was constantly over heated and most of the skin on his forearms had been scorched off from coming to close to the heat lamp. Overheated, sick, malnourished, and injured, this was the way I found him. I was only looking around for...
  9. Bee Rescuing

    So this isn't usually what I blog about exactly but it was a light and funny topic, it also ended in a great way. I have a colony of carpenter bees that live in a weird wooden awning I have outside. We have always just let them be. They don't bother us, and pollinate stuff even though they aren't as great at it as honey bees and bumble bees. But I love the carpenters. It's always interesting when they have a particularly busy day and your backyard is swarming with around 15-20 very large...
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