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  1. Guide to the Forums... Part II

    Just a few more links to helpful information that are a bit harder to find. Hope they are helpful :). I will add more here when appropriate.
  2. Is it O.K. to Handle my Chameleon?

    The big debate... Do I handle my chameleon or not? Good arguments for both sides of the debate, but I'll give you my two cents.
  3. i mcfricken love Leon

    I know its been awhile since i've posted one of these but i've been caught up with school so. Anyways i just wanted to say that I really love Leon and im so happy he has a new better and bigger cage now. Theres not anything else to say other than that because there's been no new updates.
  4. Wild caught farmed Jackson’s chameleons

    Has anyone ever bought a wild caught farmed chameleon? Are they harder to keep than a captive breed chameleons? Do they tend to have mites and parasites usually?
  5. Blue and Little Foot UPDATE #2

    I haven't replied back in a min. Sorry about that guys! I just wanted to update you to where I am now. AND YES, it has been a minute... Blue and Little Foot mated successfully within 30 mins and she has already laid 3 clutches since I've last posted. I'll bring you guys up to date on where were at and the details it took to work. Blue (Male Panther Chameleon) has never been mated with before. He's 3 now, when mated he was going on 2 1/2 years old. The whole reason why I started this was to...

    What are hornworms and are they a good feeder for your Chameleon?? Hornworms are an excellent feeder for your chameleon Goliath hornworms, or tobacco hornworms are soft bodied caterpillars that are a beautiful bright green and blue color with a spiked tail towards the rear which is how they get their common name. Hornworm caterpillars may grow to weigh 10,000 times its original weight in less than two weeks. When it's time to transform they bury themselves under leaf litter and transform...

    The Panther Chameleon in general is a fascinating creature to own. Whether you are interested in a female Panther Chameleon as a pet, breeding project, or both the males and females need slightly different set-ups and care. If you are interested in owning a female, I will tell you what has worked for me. What has worked for me may result in a different outcome for you, trust your judgement. As I always say, suit them to their needs because each Chameleon can be different. A lot of people...
  8. Pretty Panther Chams Blog- Safe-Listed Feeders & Plants for Panther Chameleons

    The amount of food you should give your Panther Chameleon depends on the age and the width of their head. Panther Chameleons are known for eating some hefty feeders but choking is a real possibility for them, so please keep that in mind. Mostly true for juvenile panthers. Below I've listed proper age and feedings for your Panther Chameleons, please note what has worked for me may be different for someone else. Each chameleon is different suit to their needs. Panther Chameleons under 3-4...
  9. Cute pic of Leon i took right now lol

    I was holding Leon and he kept wanting to go in the flowers so in he went and I got to take this really cute picture of him. Also does is Leon too small to be a four month old?
  10. Some cute pics of Leon

    Okay sorry I've been away for awhile but school started and I'm really trying to keep up a good mind set and habits, anyways this blog isn't about me, its about Leon. I took some cute pics of Leon right now and I wanted to share them with you guys! Also msg me if you think he looks sick or if anythings wrong, I want to know right away! (also don't worry he came to me I didn't force him to come, he's pretty tolerant of people)
  11. Weight tracking on Jackson

    I just want to create this blog for anyone to use as reference. As all the past year, I keep track on my boy weight since the beginning that he live with me. Now he pass away due to kidney disease but I don't want to throw away this information since it might be useful for someone. 1st day 07/26/2016 approx 18-20 weeks old 08/20/2016 11 g 08/27/2916 11 g 09/03/2016 12 g 09/12/2016 16 g 09/16/2016 16.2 g 09/25/2016 20 g 09/30/2016 21 g 10/11/2016 27 g 10/15/2016. 29 g 11/06/2016....
  12. Giant scarey scare of scariness

    (I've been busy getting ready for school to start) It was June 27 and I noticed Leon was sneezing so I called my guy that gives me advice and tells me what to do and he said the sneezing Leon has been having sounds like an upper respiratory infection caused my the air conditioning at night. I freaked out and was panicking as he walked my dad and I on what to do and what medicine we should get him. I was super scared and disappointed in myself that I even let this happen. The next day I sent...
  13. Lost my Little Boy... What Now?

    So, the inevitable has occurred, Zaphod has passed. He was only 5, and maybe that is an OK age, but I just expected him to live more years than that. I don't know, but I feel that I failed him somehow by not having him live for 7 years or so. I know that there are no set rules, but damn it, I wanted him to be here longer. I consider myself blessed to have had him with us these few years and I know that he was spoiled while he was here, but could I have done anything differently to give him a...
  14. Im back!

    SO, I've been busy with personal stuff, but I'm finally back! I got some really cute pics of Leon! Also he loves to be outside.