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Update on Roz... She had successful spay surgery on Thursday, March 27th. The vet did an awesome job and Roz is now rid of her one retained egg as well as her ability to put all of us through this mess again. She’s doing very well and is chilling in her hospital bin. We’re not out of the woods yet but looking good so far. I want to say thanks to anyone who reached out with valuable and and timely advice.
Little brother is a pro at farkle. He’s at 27600 and I’m struggling to get on the board. Mind you, he’s six.😂
Things are getting desperate in Canada: it’s been over a week since I’ve used deodorant or toothpaste, and Walmart still refuses to carry my favourite brands.
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Just so we’re clear: this was a joke about my personal hygiene, not the actual availability of the aforementioned toiletries.
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