Chameleon Caresheets

chameleon caresheets for common species
Chameleon Caresheets

The Veiled Chameleon is a large and hardy species that is very common in captivity. They are native to the south Arabian peninsula (Yemen and Saudi Arabia) and are sometimes referred to as the Yemen Chameleon.

The Panther Chameleon is a popular species known for their extensive palette of colors. The species is a favorite among enthusiasts and is commonly found in captivity. Panther chameleons are native to most of the coastal lowlands of Madagascar and nearby islands.

Jackson's Chameleons are a medium sized green chameleon often recognized by the male's three prominent horns. In fact, many describe them as having a prehistoric look similar to a Triceratops. There are three known subspecies and all are found in East Africa.

Pygmy Chameleons, also known as Stump Tailed Chameleons, are a terrestrial group of species that often mimic the dead leaves found on the forest floor. They are found in many areas of mainland Africa and Madagascar.

The Flapneck, Graceful and Senegal Chameleons are a medium sized plain green chameleon with few adornments. They are found over a large swatch of mainland Africa and many wild caught specimens enter the pet trade annually.

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