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I'm always trying to find these links for people. Now anyone who is interested in knowing more about Jacksons chameleons can find them here.


Pod Casts


It varies. A bulk pet store or a flipper website can have T.j. xantholophus for less than $100 but many of these are too sick, undernourished, incorrectly supplemented or inbred to thrive for very long. They tend to be smaller and from the highly inbred Hawaiian lines. What you save in initial price you will spend much more on vet care or heart break in the long run. The better value is in captive bred (CB) T.j. xantholophus of direct from Kenya bloodlines. These animals are larger and far more healthy overall. Expect to pay $175, (plus shipping if you can't find a local breeder). Females may be a little less sometimes. T.j.x. are mostly green or slightly tinged with blue and have a hint of yellow on their crest.

T.j. jacksonii are usually $125 for wild caught (WC) individuals of either sex. Be careful because the females can have 3 horns and are frequently sold as males, by accident or intention, and are usually pregnant. Import stress makes them not very healthy affecting the health of the young they produce. They can have 3 clutches from a previous breeding. So you need to be able to sex them or prepare for babies with fruit fly and bean beetle cultures. Since they are imported from the wild they will need to be screened for parasites including coccidia. Captive bred and born from reputable breeders go for $175. At that price the breeder is taking a loss due to the demands of caging, lighting and feeding. T.j.j. are a smaller but more colorful subspecies. They have bright blue cheeks and a vivid yellow stripe down the sides of their bodies.
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This is a wonderful source for people newer to the chameleon community!! Jacksons are unique and cute!! I also love the picture of the baby Jackson is really well captured!!

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