1. Kat77

    My new little Melleri!

    Hey everyone! I just got my CH 5 month old Melleri from Mike at Fl Chams this morning! He/she is the cutest little thing! I know these photos are terrible, but I didn't want to freak him/her out before he is settled in. They were the best I could to before he/she crawled into the foliage. I am...
  2. summoner12

    Henry's Free Range.

    I have two adult Melleri that I free range. They do not live together. Today I worked on Henry's free range. I acquired Henry from a member on the forum who was moving and could not take him with. Henry has been living free range style in the living room as a temporary home. Today I was able to...
  3. summoner12

    Pat having breakfast.

    This is Pat: I got him at the SD show from Mike at FLChams. I am not 100% on his age but I think he is 9 weeks old now. I had him in a screen cage and couldn't tell if he was eating. He lost some weight and I took mikes advice and put him into a rubbermaid like he had been growing up in...
  4. summoner12

    My new cham, Pat.

    I got my first Melleri today. I purchased him from the Tiki Tiki booth at the San Diego Super Show. I will try and keep up with posting updates of photos and weight. I have named this little cham Pat, after the SNL skit.:p Ready to check out of his travel cup Exploring the new plant...
  5. Non-receptive Female Melleri

    Non-receptive Female Melleri

    non-receptive female melleri
  6. Mills Jr.

    Mills Jr.

    Pictures is Mr. Mills Jr. himself enjoying lunch. He had a rough life, but is now living large feasting on the finest... silkworms!
  7. Female Melleri

    Female Melleri

  8. Heads Or Tails

    Heads Or Tails

  9. 013 Edit

    013 Edit

  10. Hangin'


  11. Helios


    Settling in to the new home, day 2.
  12. Jaimee Hangin Out.

    Jaimee Hangin Out.

    Jaimee is a CBB melleri
  13. Fria Sunbathing

    Fria Sunbathing

    Fria's outside time
  14. Henry


  15. Lenny


  16. Leave Me Be!

    Leave Me Be!

  17. Guard Lizard

    Guard Lizard

    Cooper was fine until the camera came out!
  18. Mini Cooper

    Mini Cooper

    Cooper at 3 1/2 months
  19. Mr Ma'am

    Mr Ma'am

  20. Gizmo


    My first chameleon, a Meller's, when he was just 6 months old.
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