Jaime finds some funny spots to sleep... He likes to be on smaller branches and near the end of them sometimes. It must be instinctual... in my reading, melleri (and most chameleons) tend to do this in order to escape predators in the middle of the night. When the branch moves too much and awakens the chameleon, the chameleon falls to the ground.

his/her rostral horn looks perfect:cool:
and cool i learned something new today:cool:
Lovely big guy and (as Ace said) lovely horn! My panther (who is nowhere near as bulky) permanently bent his favorite sleeping branch on his Schefflera some time ago.
That is a fabulous shot! I love the grey background and the green of the cham and the leaves in the front. Sooo pretty!
He looks great Kevin! My little (not so little) Flux baby still has her horn too! It's amazing how big they are getting.
Thank you guys! Jaime is doing very very well. I have him in a cage :eek: but I am glad to report he never shows any sign of stress and he has not rubbed his horn off. Jaime is housed next to a new member of the melleri clan at my house, George. George was sort of a rescue... or adoption that I acquired from someone who got him as a gift at the pasadena reptile show. George is doing awesome.

I personally believe Jaime is male and George is female.... but I do not have any real evidence.... Just basing it on color and behavior.

Another of Jaime.

And from when he was a little guy...

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