1. C

    hornworms-is it worth the extra effort to breed?

    So when I got two containers of MD hornworms for my cham they have now doubled in size! Some reaching 4" Still some smaller ones to feed (feeding a full grown male veiled) Can he actually eat those big ones if I let him? Or would those be too much..... Thinking of setting up a breeding...
  2. sanitysake

    Skittles eats a hornworm!

    Thought I would share a video with you all of my panther eating a hornworm: link to video You can see him hesitating once or twice before he really goes for it - he doesn't like my phone :P
  3. amalthea23

    Tongue Use Question

    I have a 10 month old male panther chameleon, and I have a question about his tongue. When he eats on his own, loose bugs in the cage, he occasionally misses, but otherwise, is fine. When I hand feed him, it seems like his tongue doesn't fully extend and when it does, it's not "sticky." That is...
  4. G

    starting cricket/ d. roach colony

    I have a male veiled chameleon that is about 4.5 months old I'd kike to start a cricket colony, and possibly a D. Roach colony as well, to cut down the feeding costs. I'm curious to know how many crickets and roaches I will need to purchase initialy to get the respective colonies started...
  5. tasio

    normal calcium dust or repashy calcium plus ??

    hello i keep having this argument with my dad , he says that the repashy calcium plus is better because apparently you can give it to them every feeding and thats it , i am not truly sure if this is true or no or if its got the same nutricional values as just dusting the crikets every feeding...
  6. Kittiekins

    The anticipation is killing me!

    So I found one of my favorite this is to watch me little one eat! She has such a large cage for her size so I put in a lot of plants, vines, ect. And being free range fed in her cage it is so anticipating watching her go for it and the look in her eyes! Shes so determined! Moved her up to wax...
  7. ChamyLove

    Should I be feeding him more?

    So I have an 8- 1/2 year old male panther chameleon, and he has grown a lot since I got him, but I see pictures of chameleons around his age and they look so much bigger. I currently feed him between 12-14 1/2 to 3/4 inch crickets a day (the amount depends on the size), and about every other...
  8. radstusky

    Feeding video and tongue shooting problem

    I've noticed that Leo sometimes has a problem with his tongue shooting correctly. Here's a kinda funny video of him trying to get a dubia: http://youtu.be/m_m9biNsvzY As you can see, sometimes his tongue works fine, but certainly not all the time. Could this be related to something...
  9. cswan19

    Feeding Time issues

    So usually My chams light comes on about the time I'm getting ready for work or class and I drop some crickets in before I leave so he can hunt and eat and still have enough time to digest before lights out. I usually don't get home before lights out or if I do its usually not enough time so he...
  10. gperlman

    How many to feed/ what to gut load with

    I just received my dubia roaches yesterday in the mail and I am unsure as to how much to feed my guy. I received a starter colony with tons of different sized roaches but i am only used to giving him crickets. He is about 11months old and is a normal weight panther. I used to give him around...
  11. Kamillion

    This is the best to keep your crickets in!!!

    I was having trouble with transporting my crickets from thier bin to my ( bag) for dusting. I went to petco and picked up LEES KRICKET KEEPER for $25 which can house up to 130 medium sized crickets. This thing is the BEST!! The tubs have a clear plastic at each top so you can see how many...
  12. sandrachameleon

    Green Leafy Goodness

    Some info on a few of the common green leafy gutload items that many of you already know about, but which I hope some of you will nevertheless find useful…. Arugula (aka Rocket) https://www.chameleonforums.com/blogs/sandrachameleon/485-arugula-rocket-eruca-sativa.html A good source of Protein...
  13. Rosco

    Play rather then eat

    Hey everyone, it's been a while. My guy is doing great and just had his first birthday. The reason I'm posting is my Cham keeps wanting out of the cage at every opportunity, that now it has made feeding difficult. When I open the door he comes up and will take interest in the food but only...
  14. SUSE

    Vailed Chameleons and mice

    I saw this video on youtube of a Cham eating a mouse. I had no idea that Cham's could even eat mice. Is their any health risks involved in feeding a cham a mammal?
  15. LLLReptile

    Newborn Jackson's Chameleons

    Last week, a female Jackson's at our Oceanside store started giving birth while I happened to be there. Here's some pics of the birth, and the babies afterwards! And a shot of one of the babies snagging a hydeii fruit fly... There were a total of 13 in all, 12 of them...
  16. kelsxox

    Extra Calcium/Pooping?/Feeding. HELP

    Umm soo my chameleon has MBD, i'm treating her right now with T-Rex Bone Aid Emmergency Calcium.. plus dusting her crickets with a little bit of calcium without d3 everyday.. Could this cause constipation like it does for humans? It took her two days too poop.. Just before i wrote this i saw her...
  17. kelsxox

    Feeding viel Fruit & Veggies?

    Can i feed my female vielded chameleon (6-7 months old) fruits and vegetables? & If so what kind & in what matter (chopped up?, in a bowl?)
  18. B

    feeding chameleons exclusively on silk worms?

    Hi, i've heard afew people say that one a panther chameleon turns 6 months old you can feed them silk worms as a staple instead of crickets, i know that silk worms are lower fat so tell me what you think ;)
  19. BrandonBeahm

    Sticking His Tongue Out At Me!

    I managed to catch a picture of Fluffy sticking his tongue out at me :p (this is my first time trying to catch a picture like this, next time I'll have to borrow my sisters digital SLR camera) Please post your own pictures of your chameleons sticking their tongue out! I love seeing...
  20. kenya

    Darjeeling had a hard day....

    Okay, so I was feeding the chams some enrichment feeders today and Darjeeling was having a hard time of it. He did fine with the first one and seemed to love it. When I offered him the second one, he zeroed in on it super quick and ran down to get it. The bug kept sticking to my hand (it was...
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