Play rather then eat


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Hey everyone, it's been a while. My guy is doing great and just had his first birthday. The reason I'm posting is my Cham keeps wanting out of the cage at every opportunity, that now it has made feeding difficult. When I open the door he comes up and will take interest in the food but only momentarily until he then tries to climb out on to me. He's had a outdoor cage for a long time but recently I started putting him on a ficus that is rather large at about 7 feet tall and branching out about 6'. I think since I started placing him in the large ficus he has not been taking to well during feeding. I will leave him food in his cage and he will climb on the door and stare out like that for while as to say "hey, I'm ready". I like to hand feed or at least witness him eat but when I leave food in the cage I can only hope he eats it. Any ideas on what I can do to keep my little dude from jumping the gun and trying to get out. His cage is the standard 4x2x2 and has a nice umbrella plant and pothos with tons of vines and sticks to travel on.
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