Darjeeling had a hard day....


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Okay, so I was feeding the chams some enrichment feeders today and Darjeeling was having a hard time of it.

He did fine with the first one and seemed to love it. When I offered him the second one, he zeroed in on it super quick and ran down to get it. The bug kept sticking to my hand (it was missing a few legs and flailing around) so I tried to get it onto the branch. Darjeeling saw the ring on my opposite hand flash and shot at it but let go quickly. I finally get the bug positioned and he goes down for it and is about to shoot aaaaaand....the bug falls off the branch. :rolleyes:

So I pick it up and WHAM!! Darjeeling has shot a finger tip. He had a really firm hold on it so instead of hurting his tongue, I let him draw my finger into his mouth and I got a few good chomps before he let go. He then gave me this look like, "Why did you do that?"

I go wash my hands and come back to offer the bug again. I try to get it onto a branch as quickly as possible because by this point Darjeeling just looks frustrated and is literally chasing my hand around the cage and is ready to shoot. I finally get the bug down and he shoots it on the end, gets it into his mouth and the bug sticks a leg onto his nose. Darjeeling looks perturbed, reaches up and literally GRABS the bug and rips it out of his mouth and just sits there for a bit. I got the camera a little late, but here he is sitting with it in his hand. He finally drops it and I offer it to him one last time, he zaps it and eats it almost furiously. :D

The sweet, sweet taste of victory.

Looks like hes holding a base ball bat!

HHAHA I know what ya mean when they get frustrated... Lenny LOVES Dubia for some reason... he sees me walking up he gets all excited for the roach... but i let the roach run around my hand and let him try to catch it.... so after re-aiming a few times and finally getting the roach he chows down on it with much vigor.


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Nikki, that is way too cute, how he is holding the big bug in his hand looking all frustrated. The one of him looking down at it is priceless!
This reminds me of yesterday, my young sky crawler went for his first cricket of the morning and missed. Then wouldnt go fo another for 2 hrs or so. Like "spare me anymore embarasment" there were all but 2 of the 17 I dropped in there in the morning.
That is cool. I never have my camera ready when that stuff happens. I once saw one of my female panthers swan dive off a branch into a cup of silkies, and then pick one up with both hands and shove it into her mouth. I'm not even exaggerating.
Ben(ita) is going through much of the same. I put some crickets in her cup (the bottom 1/4 of a 20 oz clear soda bottle). She saw them and moved in. She extended her tongue and it..I dont know even know how to explain it.. Like..fell? The bone was outand the rest of the extended tongue hung down like a rope..Very weird looking.. so we tried again this time trying to get tot he crickets THROUGH the cup..her tongue hits the cup and sticks.. I can see her thinking "What the..."..so I tip the cup more towards her so she doesnt have to be on top of it to get tot hem..and whala, touchdown! But yea, that hanging tongue was very weird!
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