normal calcium dust or repashy calcium plus ??


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hello i keep having this argument with my dad , he says that the repashy calcium plus is better because apparently you can give it to them every feeding and thats it , i am not truly sure if this is true or no or if its got the same nutricional values as just dusting the crikets every feeding with plain calcium every feed then once a week with calcium and d3 and the other week with reptivite ... which one is better to use ? also he is a panther cham . :)
The repashy is good for some geckos, but from what I've seen on the forum is you want to stick with calcium (with D3) and multivitamin twice a month on opposite weeks and then calcium (0% D3) all other feedings during the week.


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Hi Tasio, I use Repashy Calcium Plus LoD 3 times per week and Repashay Super Cal on all other feedings. I love their products and all my Chams are happy and healthy.

You will see multiple protocols and get many different opinions.

Good luck :D


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I like minerall brand for plain vitamin free calcium, but I have recently started using the supercal loD mixed 50/50 with a plain calcium so that I can use it every day. I really like it so far.

As for using the "tried and true" 3 supplement method, the frequency of using a calcium with D3 really depends on the brand and your circumstances. Many brands can be used far more often than 2 times a month. Repcal however, should not be used more than twice a month. The multivitamin is fine to use twice a month.
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