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  1. Panther Chameleon Podcast - a New Outreach

    Panther Chameleon Podcast - a New Outreach

    Hello Chameleon Wranglers! I would like to announce the launch of the Panther Chameleon Podcast! Whereas the Chameleon Academy is more exploratory (and will continue on), the Panther Chameleon Podcast is a tutorial outreach for keepers joining the community via getting a panther chameleon. It...
  2. Keep Your Chameleon Plants Alive! - Chameleon Hour

    Keep Your Chameleon Plants Alive! - Chameleon Hour

    Welcome to the return of the Chameleon Hour! For those new to the Chameleon Hour let me introduce what is going on! Every other Friday at 5PM on Youtube I present an hour (give or take) of a chameleon keeper variety show. During this time there are video segments of various topics that are of...
  3. Panther Chameleon Care Requirements

    Panther Chameleon Care Requirements

    An in-depth study of the Panther Chameleon care requirements to get you started off right.
  4. Happy Birthday Donnie!

    Happy Birthday Donnie!

    Donnie is celebrating 6 years this month! (male Ambanja locale Panther Chameleon)
  5. Hello.....


    Cher´s outside time
  6. My "Loving" Panther Chameleon, Tie-Dye...

    My "Loving" Panther Chameleon, Tie-Dye...

    Yes, after spending countless hours and dollars to give my Chameleon, "Tie-Dye" the best home that I could put together, for him, I am shown how much he loves me, by hanging sideways, on his basking branch, as he tries to "blend in" so-to-speak. Ah, the joys of being a Chameleon parent!
  7. Ambanja at Sunset

    Ambanja at Sunset

    Lenny a couple hours before sunset
  8. Fiery boi

    Fiery boi

    Fired up 2 year old Ambilobe panther, after seeing my female panther. How rude, staring like that.
  9. Branching Off to New Territories

    Branching Off to New Territories

  10. amin estresado.jpg

    amin estresado.jpg

    A little stressed on his vet visit
  11. Sherman at 5

    Sherman at 5

    Sherman telling me to go away!
  12. 5months


    Madmartigan at 5 months
  13. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  14. Amin


  15. Amin


  16. Amin


  17. Chameleon Mike

    Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

    I have two females and one male panther chameleon for sale. They were hatched the first week of May. Eating great. Females are $275.00 shipped Males are $325.00 shipped The third pic is the sire and the last is the dam's site. Please let me know if interested Mike 630-589-4170
  18. Craigz90

    4 month old ambilobe

    Hey guys, I have a 4 month old ambilobe for sale, he is huge and has a killer appetite. He is I great health eating medium dubias andlarge crickets. He has been raised on Arcadia lighting in a large cage. He needs to go to a home with a proper enclousre! I am only asking for 200 shipped to...
  19. CharlesYamaguchi

    Ambilobe Female RBBB Red Body Blue Bar Panther Chameleons

    Available from Copperhead, the stunning Red Body Blue Bar male Ambilobe panther chameleon, are finally some beautiful female babies. Born late February into March, these babies have put on very good size and are growing and eating well! No itty bitty tadpoles here! I always send well started...
  20. flowerrpal

    4 panther chameleons for sale

    Arizona only, i am not willing to put the stress of shipping on my babies. I have 2 female ambilobe panther chameleons for sale, 1 nosy be female, and 1 ambilobe male for sale. I have a huge custom tank made from a china cabinet that I house my femal es in and a 18×18×36 tank for my...
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