Extra Calcium/Pooping?/Feeding. HELP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kelsxox, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. kelsxox

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    Umm soo my chameleon has MBD, i'm treating her right now with T-Rex Bone Aid Emmergency Calcium.. plus dusting her crickets with a little bit of calcium without d3 everyday.. Could this cause constipation like it does for humans? It took her two days too poop.. Just before i wrote this i saw her for the first time pooping, kinda strangee lol i was showing her to my sister in law then all of a sudden starts peeing and pooping..

    - But yeah, can anyone give me some advice? My Chameleons A vielded female, around 6-8 months. (She got the MBD from the pet store she was at not taking care of her properly & i didn't find out till i got her.:( ) ..

    Also i wanted to know, how many times a week i should be feeding her & how many? Cause i see some people feed there chams one crickets every couple of days? I feed her 5-8 crickets a day depending on their size, less if large, more if small. & i dust them with a low phosphorus calcium everyday, calcium with d3 without phosphorus every 2 weeks, and multi vitamins with beta carotene every 2 weeks.

    HEELP , please answer my questions so i'm not so confused.
  2. kelsxox

    kelsxox New Member

    Someone please help!...
  3. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    MBD can cause constipation...don't know if the calcium would or not.
  4. hollycham

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    Hi there i have a male veiled and am new to owning chams too but mine is abut 7 months old and he eats medium sized crickets and he eats about ten a day and i treat him with meal worms and wax worms i havent tried super worms yet.... but i have found that i put about ten in there and sometimes he will just leave them alone and when he gets hungry he will get them but they are always gone within a few hours....i personally dont think they over eat if they dont want them they will let them be
    Oh and mine doesnt always go every single day sometimes he skips a day :)
  5. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Hollycham said..."i personally dont think they over eat if they dont want them they will let them be"...they can overeat....especially females so its good to control the diet.

    kelsxox...the amount you are feeding seems reasonable.
  6. kelsxox

    kelsxox New Member

    Ok thanks alot kinyonga! , do you have any idea when i should start lowering her diet? at a specific age or soo?..cause i know alot of people lower their diet alot as their chams get older.. Also, I'm still trying to get as prepared as i can for when she begins to lay eggs so i'm not so freaked out lol.

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