How many to feed/ what to gut load with


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I just received my dubia roaches yesterday in the mail and I am unsure as to how much to feed my guy. I received a starter colony with tons of different sized roaches but i am only used to giving him crickets. He is about 11months old and is a normal weight panther. I used to give him around 10-15 medium/large crickets daily.
Also, I was wondering what everyone's Fav 5 was to gutload their dubia.

Any info helps. Thanks :)


I guess the amount will depend on the size dubias you are feeding him. You can gutload roaches the same as crickets. They will eat nuts, seeds, and veggies. I feed dubias, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, kale, collard greens, turnip greens, squash, clover, alfalfa, and DinoFuel.


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What he said. As for size, they are about 3x bigger per inch than crickets and about 5x the calories per inch. They are like M&M's with legs when properly gut loaded. Mine went from 2 dozen full sized crickets down to 4 or so almost adult nymphs.


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As a treat he gets an occasional mealworm but other than that its hard to find a variety of feeders around me. He used to just get crickets but i finally started with dubias. He hasnt shown the biggest liking for them yet but hopefully he will soon.
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