Sticking His Tongue Out At Me!

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by BrandonBeahm, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. BrandonBeahm

    BrandonBeahm New Member

    I managed to catch a picture of Fluffy sticking his tongue out at me :p

    (this is my first time trying to catch a picture like this, next time I'll have to borrow my sisters digital SLR camera)

    Please post your own pictures of your chameleons sticking their tongue out! I love seeing these types of pictures. :D
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  2. owenyeconiel

    owenyeconiel New Member

    its so cool!
    georgeous chameleon also. :)
  3. jastate09

    jastate09 Avid Member

    Great shot! Stunning chameleon!
  4. MATT2504

    MATT2504 Member

    Cool shot :D
  5. suzi

    suzi Avid Member

    Great shot:p
  6. Jimturner

    Jimturner Established Member

    Zippo the meller...
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  7. melric

    melric Established Member

    Hahaha, that's funny. Cool thanks for sharing.
  8. Leroux2008

    Leroux2008 Member

    haha that's neat!
  9. BrandonBeahm

    BrandonBeahm New Member

    Haha, he looks like he could be one of the guys from the Budweiser "wasssup" commercials. So funny! :D

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