hornworms-is it worth the extra effort to breed?

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by ChamSky, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    So when I got two containers of MD hornworms for my cham they have now doubled in size! Some reaching 4"
    Still some smaller ones to feed (feeding a full grown male veiled)
    Can he actually eat those big ones if I let him? Or would those be too much.....

    Thinking of setting up a breeding cage for the hawkmoths if I can successfully hatch them from these guys. BUT.....is it worth the extra effort into breeding these crazy things? I heard they can also eat the adult moths?
  2. odduc748

    odduc748 Member

    A full grown Veil will definitely eat the moths. But, you may want to limit feeding the hornworms as they are higher in fat.

    Unless you have several other reptiles that would also eat the hornworms, you would quickly find yourself with far more than you could feed off. But, if you intend to sell them, if might be worthwhile.
  3. JGspecial

    JGspecial Established Member

    my adult veiled and panther love them huge. i just fed them ones that were as big as you say if not bigger. they pulverize them and then swallow them up no problem.
  4. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    He gets a variety of insects mainly roaches, but I just don't want to see these guys go to waste ya know? I do not have any other reps to feed, I can see how I could easily get over run with them. I would have no place to sell them too either unless I got in contact with my old pet store I used to work at before I moved, they are like family still. I drive down to visit them and my family (3hr drive) but maybe it could turn into a hornworm delivery too haha thanks for the idea! I might try it and worst case they can use them for feeding their reptile selection.
  5. ChamSky

    ChamSky New Member

    Nice! Do you feed less if they are extra big? Like would two big hornworms do it for the day?

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