1. Furcifer Brussis

    A Little Oustalets Breeding Insights

    Heres a brief post i did on my fb page about breeding furcifer oustaletti. Ive been breeding them for a few years and I've had a lot of experience with them in the wild as well.
  2. C

    hornworms-is it worth the extra effort to breed?

    So when I got two containers of MD hornworms for my cham they have now doubled in size! Some reaching 4" Still some smaller ones to feed (feeding a full grown male veiled) Can he actually eat those big ones if I let him? Or would those be too much..... Thinking of setting up a breeding...
  3. D

    Female Jackson refusing to mate

    I have been trying for over 2 months now to breed her, I put her into the males enclosure every 4-5 days sometimes a bit longer depending on how much she eats. She will turn dark colors, sway, and sometimes run from the male if he approaches her. The male is wanting to mate, he will do a mating...
  4. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand Investigative Report: Rack Abuse!

    This is a Dragon Strand Investigative Report. Thor the Dragon reporting (that’s me above). A number of disturbing observations have been made by our eyes and ears in the field. They wish to remain anonymous, but suffice to say they may or may not be escaped feeder dubia (non-infesting, of...
  5. C

    Cricket Larvae

    I have recently found some cricket larvae when cleaning out the cricket cage. They seemed pretty happy with laying eggs in some of the dead crickets that were in the cage so I scooped them up and put them in some containers with a little water and some holes. They are escaping and I was...
  6. LLLReptile

    Looking for a better way to incubate eggs?

    Try Incubation Trays for your eggs! The new Reptile Incubation Tray (Cup sold separately) is designed for use with small reptile eggs, such as Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Uromastyx, etc. Packed with features: *Four quadrants to separate different clutches, genetics, etc *Holds up...
  7. LLLReptile

    Can we talk about Senegals?

    Who else has some? How old are yours, what do you keep them in, where'd you get em, tell me about them! I just picked up a couple to replace the Veileds in the vivarium on my work desk, and I'm curious about other people's experience with them. Fairly certain mine are female, I'll be...
  8. LLLReptile

    Some pairings here at our breeding center today

    Just sharing some pics of our copulations taking place this morning :) This Veiled is a stud, he locked up with several of our females that were ready to go: Didn't catch the actual act for these two, but this was the prelude :) Another one just a couple minutes before copulation...
  9. NHenn

    Carpet Chameleon Breeding

    Last Friday our little Aurora laid her first clutch ever. She mated back on August 24 and laid an astounding 20 eggs on Friday September 27! She was stubborn with not digging but after some extra help with a pre-dug hole she finally decided it was time to drop some weight and lay her eggs. As...
  10. Yak

    what am i doing wrong?

    Breeding Crickets 101 So far I have been successful at keeping the mortality rate down to 2%, chirping and healthy. However I can't seem for the life of George, get them to breed. I've provided three mediums; 1. vermiculate (sp?) 2. lose dirt 3. compacted dirt Still no eggs! I've...
  11. Vmag86

    My Chameleons finally got it on!!!

    After a month or two of unsucessful breeding attempts, my male and female ambilobes finally mated! I thought I had a lame male cham:confused: Everytime I would put them together the female showed interest(by not darkening, gaping or retreating) and my male would do his comical head bob... But...
  12. BatCity93

    Panther Chameleon babies.

    Hi, i was wondering, when my panther chameleon has her babies, what should i do with them? i can take care of them without a problem, but i do plan on selling them, where can i sell them and for how much?
  13. imhotep

    Opinions of a NOOB

    Words can't express how thankful I am for this free forum and the people that dedicate their time and money to make it what it is. As a new breeder I'm in a constant struggle when it comes to taking advice and trusting opinions. With that said, let's get to the heart of the matter. I've spent...
  14. imhotep

    3 day old neonates dying ???

    Need advice ... im using reptisun 5.0 for 12 on 12 off. for 4 hours a day i put an additional 100w power sun about 14in away. I hand mist 4-6 times a day (depending on temps/humidity). Basking temps are never higher then 87-89. bottom of cage...
  15. Raphael1047

    Superhatch vs. Hatchrite?

    I was looking for a incubation medium (I think thats what they call it) and found hatchrite it seems pretty good, since I have seen people on youtube using it with great success. Then I found superhatch which seems also good, the telling if it is dry or not really caught my eye. Anyway i just...
  16. Raphael1047

    Panther Cham Local

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what local my panther chams are I am petty sure they are both ambilobe, but I am not 100% sure. I would really appreciate it.:D thank you.
  17. KylieT

    Cricket Sex

    Hey guys, so I have some questions on the taboo topic :P 1st. Are winged crickets the only crickets that are sexually mature? I got a batch of 75 to breed but only 5 of them are winged. (4 girls 1 boy) and I have separated them from those that are not winged. 2nd is the chirping sound the sound...
  18. htownsoccer00

    Can someone please do a thorough!

    Cricket breeding guide or point me in the direction of one. I am trying to breed them and it was working okay, so I thought. I'm looking for something that has every need, specification and requirement right down to the core. I am more of a DIY kinda person so I'd rather make than buy. I know...
  19. Seeco

    DONT DO IT -- My Thoughts On Buying Wild Caught Chameleons

    I of course got my project started by purchasing Wild Caught animals but the harvesting of a free living wild animal is a bad and painful thing. Many die in the process. What I am arguing for is that WC chameleons be purchased strictly for developing captive breeding programs on a professional...
  20. Seeco

    Two Fathers to One Clutch

    We all know that female chameleons can produce more than one clutch of eggs from a single mating. If this happens all the time, why wouldn't it be possible for a female to mate with 2 males and produce a clutch with 2 different fathers? Some of the eggs could be fertilized by an old mate and...
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