My Chameleons finally got it on!!!


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After a month or two of unsucessful breeding attempts, my male and female ambilobes finally mated! I thought I had a lame male cham:confused: Everytime I would put them together the female showed interest(by not darkening, gaping or retreating) and my male would do his comical head bob... But that was it, my male would never pursue... until a week ago!:D

I think the reason our male never mounted our female was because we were always in the room watching incase they got in a fight. We eventually decided to give them their space recently and I believe thats what did it. My male cham has never been shy but when it comes to getting it on, he needs his privacy...

Here is a pic of my female I took today. It's been a week and I already think she is showing gravid coloration! What do you guys think, is she pregers?!


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Deffo preggers! If you doubt us, stick a male in front of her and see what happens! :eek: ;)

HAHA, thats funny you say that. My girlfriend did that today and WOW!:eek: Down Girl! She has never reacted like that to him lol
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