1. Siblings


    Two Panther babies. The smaller one will sometimes sit like this on top of the larger one.
  2. Pretty Baby

    Pretty Baby

    From my first clutch of chameleon babies. Born just over two weeks ago.
  3. 0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! NukaMedia Exotics

    0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! NukaMedia Exotics

    0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! She was produced at Kammerflage Kreations from their "Green Giant & Pretty Woman" pair, she was paired with a male from Jonathon Hill's "Bleu & Patch" at iPardalis.
  4. Negotiation


    ,,We can either shake hand or I can strangle you. I’ve done half of the job already in both options.”
  5. Baby Cosmo

    Baby Cosmo

    Little Cosmo (Nosy Be), adopted from Kammerflage (Daru x Darwi, DOH 4/28 - 5/17), explores his enclosure.
  6. Long tongue

    Long tongue

    Panther chameleon stretches out his tongue.
  7. PlowShredder

    US RBBB Babies Ready around 5/20/21

    RBBB babies are growing up fast! A small number of individuals will be available starting around 5/20/21. More Individuals will be available shortly after due to the different hatch dates of the clutch. Sire and Dams Sire pictured below, I will post pictures of the babies as they approach...
  8. Whatever it Takes

    Whatever it Takes

    Panther chameleon stands on his back legs when a silk worm appears.
  9. Scar


    Let me sleep, human!
  10. Color everywhere

    Color everywhere

    Panther chameleon showing all his colors.
  11. Sleepy evening

    Sleepy evening

    Clair the 4 month ambanja panther waking up in the morning for some crickets. Treated with respect and didn't get too close.
  12. Panther


    Pants, the panther chameleon
  13. Chillin


    Dayo’s Favorite Place
  14. King Crumb

    King Crumb

    just hangin
  15. Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    This is from the first day I introduced him into his habitat.
  16. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  17. Dex vs Katydid

    Dex vs Katydid

    Nom nom nom
  18. betzjen

    US Ambilobe Panther Male $275 plus ship

    We are offering this amazing Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. He is 4.5 months old. Eating large crickets and showing some amazing colors. His sire is Floki a beautiful Orange bodied blue bar. If you are looking for a quality chameleon either as a pet or for your breeding project this is your...
  19. You say YOU had a hard day!

    You say YOU had a hard day!

    Rose right after laying 28 eggs.
  20. Spicoli's Day Out

    Spicoli's Day Out

    Spicoli gets some supervised time outside in the yard
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