1. Handsome Larry

    Handsome Larry

    Though I named him Ickis when I first adopted him, the name Handsome Larry was always in the running in our shortlist. I decided it would be his nickname, though we’ve been calling him Handsome Larry more and more often 😜
  2. A Handsome Ickis

    A Handsome Ickis

  3. 0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! NukaMedia Exotics

    0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! NukaMedia Exotics

    0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! She was produced at Kammerflage Kreations from their "Green Giant & Pretty Woman" pair, she was paired with a male from Jonathon Hill's "Bleu & Patch" at iPardalis.
  4. Ambilobe x ambanja

    Ambilobe x ambanja

    Don’t kick me brad
  5. PlowShredder

    US RBBB Babies Ready around 5/20/21

    RBBB babies are growing up fast! A small number of individuals will be available starting around 5/20/21. More Individuals will be available shortly after due to the different hatch dates of the clutch. Sire and Dams Sire pictured below, I will post pictures of the babies as they approach...
  6. Fiery boi

    Fiery boi

    Fired up 2 year old Ambilobe panther, after seeing my female panther. How rude, staring like that.
  7. settled into the schefflura

    settled into the schefflura

    Enjoying some time outside and showing off some colors
  8. Branching Off to New Territories

    Branching Off to New Territories

  9. amin estresado.jpg

    amin estresado.jpg

    A little stressed on his vet visit
  10. Babyface


    Baby ambilobe
  11. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  12. Decadancin

    Raistlin - Fire PJ's again...

    Sorry, I know, but he always sleeps behind stuff, so I'm excited :D:geek: More fiery pics of my boy... He is glowing :love:
  13. Decadancin


    Gotta love it... Night night little fireball! :love:
  14. Decadancin

    Raistlin outside again...

    Perfect weather this morning here on the Nature Coast! Raistlin approves...
  15. betzjen

    US Ambilobe Babies 3-4 months

    I have a clutch of incredibly healthy large and Ambilobe males and females. The sire (Floki) is absolutely stunning as well as the dams sire. (Nacho). All chameleons are raised by a veterinarian so you are sure to get a healthy Chameleon. Check it out. Males $250 plus ship Females $175 plus...
  16. BuyAChameleon

    US Mango & Cosmo Ambilobe

    Mango & Cosmo Ambilobe Offspring Sale 50% off using coupon code Forum. Only a few left but they need to move! Hatch Range June 1-7, 2019 Sire Cosmo Dam Mango Coupon Code Forum Discount 50% How go to and use the coupon code Forum Sire Cosmo Sire's Sire Outline from...
  17. Decadancin

    Raistlin is 6 Months Old Today...

    They grow up so fast :(. Can't believe how much he has grown... on second thought, with how much he eats I definitely CAN believe it :LOL:. Raistlin is a YBBB Ambilobe from Canvas Chameleons. Here are some pics from today... Happy 6 Month Hatch Day Little One!!!
  18. CharlesYamaguchi

    Chameleons By Yamaguchi - Female Ambilobe Red Body Blue Bar RBBB Panther Chameleon

    Available from Copperhead, the stunning Red Body Blue Bar male Ambilobe panther chameleon, are finally some beautiful female babies. Female 2 Female 1...
  19. Decadancin

    A name to go with the face...

    So we have named our little boy! He is called Raistlin (aka Raistlin Majere) :). He is a Yellow Body Blue Bar Ambilobe and will be 5 months old tomorrow. He is settling in very nicely and I have affectionately called him my little garbage disposal :LOL:. He eats almost everything, but really...
  20. flowerrpal

    4 panther chameleons for sale

    Arizona only, i am not willing to put the stress of shipping on my babies. I have 2 female ambilobe panther chameleons for sale, 1 nosy be female, and 1 ambilobe male for sale. I have a huge custom tank made from a china cabinet that I house my femal es in and a 18×18×36 tank for my...
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