1. 0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! NukaMedia Exotics

    0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! NukaMedia Exotics

    0.1 F. pardalis - Gravid female Ambilobe (YBBB) panther chameleon! She was produced at Kammerflage Kreations from their "Green Giant & Pretty Woman" pair, she was paired with a male from Jonathon Hill's "Bleu & Patch" at iPardalis.
  2. Stunning Stella

    Stunning Stella

    Gravid beauty
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    Second meeting of my male piebald and female veiled chameleons. She was already showing gravid colors meaning his first attempt was successful.
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  13. MeruJack

    Should I Be Worried?

    I have a female Jackson's Xanth that hooked up with a male for three days during the last week of July. This is the last week of April so she is now 9 months pregnant. I've had the "nursery" ready for three months. Should I be concerned that she hasn't given birth yet? (By the way, I AM...
  14. MeruJack

    My Jackson's is 8 months pregnant

    On Wednesday, my Jackson's Xantholophus will be 8 months pregnant. Should I be worried that she hasn't given birth yet? She is somewhat active and is still eating. I've had the "nursery" set up for two months thinking that she would have had them by now. She appears healthy and not overly...
  15. MeruJack

    I think my Jackson's going to drop her babies tomorrow morning!

    My Jackson's Xanth is 6 months 3 weeks pregnant. She's looking very uncomfortable. She is eating a bit every few days she'll eat a cricket but she's not eaten well for two or three weeks. She's left her normal perch and wandered around her enclosure at least daily the last three days. She is...
  16. MeruJack

    Do full grown adults continue to shed?

    Do adult chameleons stop shedding once they're full grown as long as they maintain their weight and do not become chubby? The reason I am asking is that I have a female Meru Jackson's who hasn't shed for awhile who is in full shed today. She really doesn't eat much however she gave birth 2...
  17. K

    Fat or eggs?

    So we have a female chameleon that is about 5 months old and I'm guessing that so give more take. We don't know if she's fat or has eggs.!shes been going to the bottom a lot. We have 3 inches of substrate (coconut husk) I know that's not enough for eggs so I was wondering if yall can tell me if...
  18. fuzzhc

    Should I be worried now?!

    Ok its been over a week now and there is still no sign of laying. She is still eating and drinking though and looking very fat. I have also got her cage covered up with a white bed sheet so she can't see anyone else. When should it become a vet trip? Edit: she isn't doing much roaming at...
  19. NHenn

    Carpet Chameleon Breeding

    Last Friday our little Aurora laid her first clutch ever. She mated back on August 24 and laid an astounding 20 eggs on Friday September 27! She was stubborn with not digging but after some extra help with a pre-dug hole she finally decided it was time to drop some weight and lay her eggs. As...
  20. L

    need to know

    hello, gotta question??????????...................are panther and veileds breeding / and laying process pretty much the same? after mating approx 5-6 weeks till the begin to lay????? and is it possible for a veiled to mate even if she may have a batch of u-fertilized eggs about to be ready to...
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