I think my Jackson's going to drop her babies tomorrow morning!


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My Jackson's Xanth is 6 months 3 weeks pregnant. She's looking very uncomfortable. She is eating a bit every few days she'll eat a cricket but she's not eaten well for two or three weeks. She's left her normal perch and wandered around her enclosure at least daily the last three days. She is very well hydrated and bright green but tonight she was leaning to one side and had her eyes closed. And she expelled a huge white urate bigger than any jelly bean I've ever seen. I think she's uncomfortable and exhausted. I went ahead and gave her a warm shower (which she enjoys) as a way to both wake her up a bit, warm her and further hydrate her and then put her back on her favorite perch. Most of the other chams were already in their sleeping spots for the night so I felt it was okay for her to go to sleep a little early. I wish I wasn't working tomorrow…but I really hope she drops them soon. The nursery's been ready for at least three weeks!

The first picture was taken this weekend. The next one shows her expelling the urate. In the third, she's leaning to the side and has her eyes closes. The last picture is flipped sideways for some reason and shows her in the shower drinking water.


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It always happens at the crack of dawn---you wake up to what looks like escaped crickets running around. Only once did we actually see the moment of birth, which is actually quite gross. WE always got about a dozen but reports say as many as 40. Your female looks like she's got a BIG litter!!
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