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  3. Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    We have tiny gardening tools that we set in our plants. He didn't mind it.
  4. King Da Cham!

    King Da Cham!

  5. MeruJack

    I think my Jackson's going to drop her babies tomorrow morning!

    My Jackson's Xanth is 6 months 3 weeks pregnant. She's looking very uncomfortable. She is eating a bit every few days she'll eat a cricket but she's not eaten well for two or three weeks. She's left her normal perch and wandered around her enclosure at least daily the last three days. She is...
  6. LT2012

    2yr old Jackson -problems eating

    My two year old Jackson cham has trouble shooting his tongue. Also sometimes he shakes as he's trying to shoot his tongue. He seems to have lost his appetite, after a few tries he misses and then is not interested. We tried hand feeding him and he didnt eat then either. The other day i noticed...
  7. D

    Pregnant Jackson care question...

    I have a Jackson cham that I believe to be pregnant. I would like to know if there is some extra care I need to give her to help her stay healthy through her pregnancy...
  8. LLLReptile

    Adult Nosy Be Panthers, Pygmy Leaf Chameleons, Jackson's and more!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" ON SALE $29.99 each Video Medium Female Translucent Veiled Chameleon w/minor scar $99.99 Small Jackson's Chameleons $54.99 males / $45.99 females Medium Jackson's Chameleons $59.99 males/ $49.99 females...
  9. J

    Not a Jackson?

    Hi. This was listed as a male "jacksons" chameleon but I don't think it is any of the 3 subspecies of Jackson. The owner doesn't have any more info. Anybody able to identify it?
  10. LLLReptile

    Baby Veiled Chameleons on Sale for $29.99 each!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" ON SALE $29.99 each Video Small Veiled Chameleons $59.99 males/ $49.99 females Medium Veiled Chameleons $69.99 males/ $59.99 females Sub Adult Male Veiled Chameleons $79.99 each - On Sale! Adult Male...
  11. VigilantSpearIII

    Neonates...3 of a kind!

    I don't usually make threads...Still, I thought most of you members would appreciate this news. This is the first time that dates have crossed so closely. Ambilobe Panthers (Blue Bars), High Turquoise Veiled, and Xantholophus Jacksons...The Panthers were hatched on 7/25, the Veiled started...
  12. Tiberius

    Is this color okay?

    I've never seen seen my Jackson with this color on him before. Normally, he's only green and black. I noticed the spot of color after I finished holding him. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures but it's kind of a bluish grey color. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    Baby jacksonii jacksonii closing eyes during the day

    Hi, hope you can help me understand what's going on. I bought 3 young j.jacksonii in September. They were in a small exo Terra with a basking spot of low 80s ambient in 70s, sprayed 4 times a day, 5.0 exo Terra UV tube. Since iv had them all 3 didn't eat much and only fruit flies. They...
  14. deadhd5

    Skin Problem(s) need advice!

    Hello everyone, I am need of some advice on the skin problems pictured below on my buddy Reggie Jackson. I have made a vet appointment for Tuesday but value the advice of experienced keepers and vets on this board above all. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Jackson Xanth Male, approx 8...
  15. J

    Can you sex my 3 jacksonii jacksonii please

    Hi. I know j.jacksonii can be hard to sex when young as both males and females have 3 horns. I asked for 3 females knowing they are hard to sex at this age (around 4 months) but I think the first is a male...... What do you guys think? Suspected male? I think female. and the 3rd...
  16. J

    Which type of jackson is this male and female?

    Ok. Thank you to Chris Anderson for answering my last thread, hope he or someone else can answer this for me. There is a guy selling a breeding pair of Mt meru Jackson chameleons. Looking at the photos im convinced that the male is a Jacksonii jacksonii not a jacksonii merumontanus. The...
  17. Jay Sick

    How long can a female Jackson Retain sperm

    Ok so she laid a clutch on July 4th 2011 which is over a year ago. however in the year that has passed she has beefed up over time has become less active when ever I show her the male she gapes and sways and gets pissed and try to push him off the branch. Now I know they retain sperm and I will...
  18. Nrupaw

    Jacksons Chameleon Age Question

    So there's a baby male Jacksons Chameleon I have had my eye on at my local pet store but never got it because i felt it was too young. Recently, its now started to lose it brown color and get the regular green pigmentation. Its tri-horns are now pretty distinct too. Size wise, i want to say its...
  19. J

    Anybody owening/ breeding Jacksonii Merumontanus in Europe?

    Anybody owning dwarf/ mt meru Jackson chameleons in Europe? Would love to get some soon if anybody will have some available. Maybe at Hamm in September or November. I'm in the UK and there seems to be nobody owning them!
  20. J

    Can you keep jackson's together?

    I Know that the generic answer is no true chameleons can be kept together nd yes if there viv is actually a free range room.......... but I have read that Jacksons can, if there is only 1male, but then you read that its not possible. I cant find anything concrete from someones own experience...
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