Anybody owening/ breeding Jacksonii Merumontanus in Europe?

Anybody owning dwarf/ mt meru Jackson chameleons in Europe?

Would love to get some soon if anybody will have some available. Maybe at Hamm in September or November.

I'm in the UK and there seems to be nobody owning them!
i'm breeding jacksons, but they are not the small ones sorry, and i'm in Hawaii, Mamma is going to pop soon, i'll mail em to ya if you can pay the shipping LOL

probably would not be good for the baby's to endure such a trip :(
btw aside from the shipping 1 baby would be $25
If you are not aware, please be aware that shipping Jackson's chameleons out of the state is highly, highly illegal. When DLNR catches someone doing this (or breaking similar regulations) they take the opportunity to make an example of the person. Trust me when I say you don't want to be on DLNR's bad side, especially with this issue.
Toby mace in Eastbourne, he Sells his jacksons on rfuk, he has j.j for sale atm, phelsumafarm is his website
Thanks im aware if phelsumafarm but really want meru;s and they they only have j.jacksonii and xanths

Here you'll find some german keeper who breed merumontanus, too. Didn't see lots of merus in Hamm last time, think you might order some in advance.
Thank you, will have a look now.
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