1. MeruJack

    I think my Jackson's going to drop her babies tomorrow morning!

    My Jackson's Xanth is 6 months 3 weeks pregnant. She's looking very uncomfortable. She is eating a bit every few days she'll eat a cricket but she's not eaten well for two or three weeks. She's left her normal perch and wandered around her enclosure at least daily the last three days. She is...
  2. LLLReptile

    Newborn Jackson's Chameleons

    Last week, a female Jackson's at our Oceanside store started giving birth while I happened to be there. Here's some pics of the birth, and the babies afterwards! And a shot of one of the babies snagging a hydeii fruit fly... There were a total of 13 in all, 12 of them...
  3. Ethen44

    Post birth question

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question about my (or any) panther chameleon. She just laid her 2nd clutch, and I was wondering if raising her temperature slightly would help her metabolize calcium faster? Would she have any need of extra sunlight/d3/or increased basking temps? Would that help at...
  4. Debmonster

    Baby jacksons! (image heavy!!)

    Here's a few pics of the first moments of a jackson baby!
  5. New Born Veiled Cham That Won't Open Eyes

    New Born Veiled Cham That Won't Open Eyes

    New born veiled cham that won't open eyes
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