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hello, gotta question??????????...................are panther and veileds breeding / and laying process pretty much the same? after mating approx 5-6 weeks till the begin to lay????? and is it possible for a veiled to mate even if she may have a batch of u-fertilized eggs about to be ready to lay? I ask this because our female never mated always showed extreme aggression toward us and our male, and just as I thought she was looking very plump, and perhaps needing to lay a batch of unfertilized eggs (she never laid any before and is approx, 9-11 months old, ) just as i go to prepare a laying bin I noticed she had very blue and gold colors, we showed the male to her and Bamm, instantly the were doing "it" , didn't take long at all, no cat and mouse games, no hesitation, they didn't take nearly as long as my panthers do, anyhow they mated 2 days in a row , and its only been 5 days since now she doesn't seem to want to eat, very large in size, on and off gravid coloring showing, black/gold spots/ and dark green spots, while other times shes just a dark brownish, is it possible that she'd lay eggs in a week from mating? how does this all work out?


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And veiled female that is already producing eggs will sometimes mate. She could lay a batch of infertile eggs before the usual 30 days after mating that she would normally lay them at. This batch would likely be infertile or mostly infertile. She could then lay the next batch sooner than the 30 days. It's hard to know for sure...we can't tell where they are in their cycle easily.
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