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    Second meeting of my male piebald and female veiled chameleons. She was already showing gravid colors meaning his first attempt was successful.
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  6. d3s5

    Melleri Test Results

    I found a new vet that not only has experience with chameleons, but also has had some experience with Melleri. I had their 3 fecals tested and Medjumbe came back positive for pinworms. Because they free range together, Mocuba and Medjumbe are both being treated with Panacur. He prescribed a...
  7. d3s5

    Melleri Mating Attempt. . .

    Well, Mocuba finally accepted Medjumbe's advances. It didn't work out too well... First, Medjumbe tried to mate with Mocuba's head. He got himself turned around. . . And then. . . Turned a really strange color. . . And closed his eyes/fell asleep???? For several...
  8. C

    Life, Death, and the beauty of Chameleon keeping

    Hello keepers, I'd like start by saying thank you to all of you for being part of something truly amazing, and lending your advice and knowledge to others, who wish to join our little world of chameleon husbandry. The act of replicating an environment in such great detail, facilitating a...
  9. L

    need to know

    hello, gotta question??????????...................are panther and veileds breeding / and laying process pretty much the same? after mating approx 5-6 weeks till the begin to lay????? and is it possible for a veiled to mate even if she may have a batch of u-fertilized eggs about to be ready to...
  10. L

    I really could use some advise....

    I got a female panther who is 2 years old , I recently got her and have not yet dealt w/ any eggs in my past. Anyhow, She and my male mated 3 time durning a four day period, and then after the 4th day, she showed her obvious signs of no longer wanting to even look at him "looked and acted kind...
  11. Enochlg

    Pregnancy scare -or- My horny lil girl *W/ HD PICTURES!*

    So a few days ago I posted here: In reference to Nexxus, my 6 1/2mo old female blue bar ambilobe being gravid (with infertile eggs) and not wanting to lay. The advice i was given is that while she does look to...
  12. Seeco

    My Methods Part 2. Chams Gettin Busy in the Kitchen.

    They fell in and just kept at it. Also a peek at the kind of feeding cup I use in heavily watered cages. Dries out quick and remains much cleaner. IF you are not using cups like this you are not doing it right :p
  13. Zajlol

    Head bobbing

    So my male panther Cham has been head bobbing me lately why?? Lol he's 6 months old almost 7
  14. summoner12

    Hey baybay!

    So this past weekend I got another melleri. I was showing the new guy to Sam (who i got at the last show) and Sam got all fired up...... So I placed the new guy into the free range where Lenny and Chris used to live. And then I went and got Sam. It would be safe to say Sam is Samuel and not...
  15. SoCaliSon

    Matings that got too Violent.

    Okay so Lombardi's main squeeze Sookie has been showing intense Receptive colors for the last few days. She laid 49 eggs from her mating with Lombardi in January... Here is the thread if you aren't familiar with the culprits.Lombardi's Sex Tape.:D. I decided to let her in his cage again the...
  16. SoCaliSon

    Lombardi's Sex Tape!

    :D:D I m am pretty ridiculous with my updates on this guy... But he is awesome... And at 6 months old, He has Shot the Gravid Gun at a woman over twice his age! lol! Here on the Forum I feel like that one proud parent with the massive video camera at the school assembly, in the crowd with...
  17. SoCaliSon

    Shots of Captain Mo'...

    Howdy Doody! I am way behind on introducing this guy to the forum...This is my our male veiled Captain Mo'. I acquired this guy a few months ago...He is a 2 year old that needed a new fam because his owners were moving out of country and couldn't take him. He has been a very finicky...
  18. SoCaliSon

    McLovin's Birthday Lovin!

    Okay!!! Bare with me...But I am freaking excited... :D Yesterday was awesome!!! It was McLovin's Birthday...and he had a GOOD ONE! I woke up and went to feed Mika's Chams while she's on Vacation(She has a Veiled that are the size of a Football!), and came home to start my usual weekend day of...
  19. SoCaliSon

    Cham STD's?

    Was just curious if there were any diseases that can be passed from cham to cham during mating?
  20. Bear After Breeding

    Bear After Breeding

    Our big boy after mating to
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