McLovin's Birthday Lovin!

Okay!!! Bare with me...But I am freaking excited... :D

Yesterday was awesome!!! It was McLovin's Birthday...and he had a GOOD ONE! I woke up and went to feed Mika's Chams while she's on Vacation(She has a Veiled that are the size of a Football!), and came home to start my usual weekend day of working with my Chams. Well some of you know about my Ambilobe/Nosy Cross, McLovin',I got with a Nosy Be female in late April with the intention mate the two, and I have just been waiting for her to become receptive. There were one or two failed attempts, and Muffin wanted nothing to do with him, so they were seperated. She was in a big cage, so I recently moved Muffin into a slightly smaller(18x18x36) on a different rack, ... and set it up nice and sweet for her and she has seemed to love it. Well when I was cleaning Muffin's cage and had her sitting on her Hibiscus on the comp desk in view of McLovin's cage. I turned and noticed her with her butt turned and tail up in the air at McLovin'! I opened his cage, and some serious head bobbing action started taking place... I lifted her plant up to his rope... and she calmly crawled right on to say Happy Birthday! WOOO HOOO!!! This guy has been dying to mate, he would bob his head at me days after seeing a female... but he had never been lucky enough to make it... But that Changed on his B-Day!!! They stayed nice and locked for a good 45 min ... and then he went once more later. I was just as excited as he was!!! This was my first successful F. Pardalis Mating! She is showing her dark gravid colors this morning, I will post pics later... Julia was out with the camera during the event so unfortunately no action shots, but here are some pre mating pics ... and i'll post some new ones here later tonight. I'm gonna have little McLovins!!!:D:D:D:D:D


Muffin hates the camera, these are from a couple months back...

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