Lombardi's Sex Tape!

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by SoCaliSon, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    :D:D I m am pretty ridiculous with my updates on this guy... But he is awesome... And at 6 months old, He has Shot the Gravid Gun at a woman over twice his age! lol!

    Here on the Forum I feel like that one proud parent with the massive video camera at the school assembly, in the crowd with hundreds of other proud parents and their cameras...Then I have to show everyone the pics at every possible moment. Ah well... I really do enjoy it.

    Lombardi is a Mating Machine!!! He knew just what he wanted and he was going to take it. I had introduced him to Sookie... the female, a little over a month ago, but it didn't take...I don't think he figured it out, and she ended up chasing him away after a few minutes. She never showed gravid from the interaction. Well the other day, 1/20/09, she was looking incredibly receptive at the site of Lombardi so I let him into her cage, (easier than handling her) and bam! After a little foreplay they had a few quite lengthly copulations.

    I have had a bad run of luck with eggs.:( So I'm crossing my fingers for these! If this clutch produces they are sure to be impressive! I would love to see what is hiding behind Sookie's cool genetics, and what it will add to the Size and Bold good looks of Daddy's genes.

    What female Veiled could Resist!

    She was so still and patient while he got everything figured out. :p

    This is my Favorite!

    THE SEX TAPE!!!:eek:;):cool:The quality is about as poor as the rest of the vids I have tried to post from my cruddy little camera... The music was pointed right at the camera, and came out a lil loud over recording, so be sure your speakers aren't up loud. :eek:

    Feeling very good about himself after the fact.:D Still looking in the direction of her cage.

    Feeling rather violated...

    Thanks For Looking!!!:D
  2. royden

    royden New Member

    Oh my.

    That was hilarious Joe.

    Apparently she wanted it in the dark.
    Lombardi is looking awesome. Great photo up top!
  3. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    Very nice!!! Hope everything works out with those eggs;) I would have to say out of that clutch Juli hatched, Lombardi is definatly my favorite. All the rest are quite the lookers also but its something about this guy that sticks into my head.

    Great pick of the litter!!!!!!!
  4. ScottChoc

    ScottChoc New Member

    awesome. too bad theres not a shot of him having a cigarette afterwards.
  5. addicted

    addicted New Member

    LOL, that's funny picture, her expression is saying "Ah, buddy, that's NOT my vent":eek:
  6. yoza717

    yoza717 New Member

    I was expecting some Barry White music playing in the background and a lot of candles around her cage:D
  7. haleybobl

    haleybobl New Member

    Good luck with those eggs! He is sure a looker! :)
  8. yoza717

    yoza717 New Member

    "but Sookie, I saw this in the Chamesutra book"
  9. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member

    Haha. Likes him some Bjork eh? He's all leaning backwards like a stud. Awesome Job Lombardi! ANd good luck!
  10. gregdabender

    gregdabender New Member

    LoL great thread !!!!
  11. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Thanks Royden! For some reason the videos from my little POS...I mean P&S
    camera come out a lot darker than the pics. The lights were on in the cage.
    They were just hanging down inside her laying bin, and shadowed by the plant. I don't use flash with chams I just take a bunch in macro mode and stay as still as I can, 1 is bound to come out.

    Thanks Cain! I gotta say I couldn't be happier with how he turned out.

    Not for the chams... But they did each get a nice hornworm after the deed. :)

    I was watching him do that... and for some reason I think what he was doing was trying to look around... Examine what he had to work with. LOL He stayed inverted like that for awhile not trying to copulate...just explored then turned around and went right for it. It was a most amusing event to witness. Better than TV.

    Hehe.. Her patterns and behavior were screaming Receptive so no real outside factors were needed to induce the lovemaking behavior.:);)

    Thanks! Fingers Crossed! Now she gets pampered.

    Hehe... Naw.. My lady Julia Loves her some Bjork... I wasn't planning on keeping the sound...but just by coincidence the Bjork seemed to sort of set the mood.

    Thanks All! You know the updates will keep coming...:D

  12. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Gravid Girl

    Here is a shot from today... I would say that it took:D. (note she got pissed, obviously, and sucked in her eyes, she is not dehydrated. :)
  13. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Where is Juli!?!? I know she would want to see this. :)
  14. blackbetty

    blackbetty New Member

    Wow. Congrats again papa! :)
    (ps Im glad to know they suck in their eyes when ticked..here I thought mine was dehydrated but only happened when he was mad! Thanks for the info!)
  15. Julirs

    Julirs New Member

    Oh my! If I had known my chams would be making porn...ummmm....am I supposed to be embarassed or something here! LOL! :):):)
  16. Chamaeleoeo

    Chamaeleoeo New Member

    lol this is hilarious...beautiful chams and good luck with the sure to be beautiful babies!!!!!!:D
  17. Travis Blades

    Travis Blades New Member

    haha get her done!
    Gratz dude hes a stud :p Good Luck with the eggs
  18. chamelisa

    chamelisa New Member

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Check this guy out.


    Joe, you have a very nice pair of veileds there. Thanks for the update and the show. ;)

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