1. You say YOU had a hard day!

    You say YOU had a hard day!

    Rose right after laying 28 eggs.
  2. Lunirra

    How Long to Leave Female Veiled in Laying Bin?

    I am not breeding my female Veiled. She is about 7 months old now and I have noticed her pacing in the enclosure, whether it be at the top or bottom, she does it almost every day for the past 4 or 5 days now. She went off food but is still drinking as she is not dehydrated. Resembling the...
  3. L

    help!!please give me some info, and advise..

    my female panther is a little over 2 years old, she was mated with my 8 month old ambanja, a while back , since then she laid her first clutch of eggs(as she has never laid any eggs prior) anyhow those eggs were laid 6 weeks after mating, and i assumed they were fertile, until i learned that...
  4. NHenn

    Carpet Chameleon Breeding

    Last Friday our little Aurora laid her first clutch ever. She mated back on August 24 and laid an astounding 20 eggs on Friday September 27! She was stubborn with not digging but after some extra help with a pre-dug hole she finally decided it was time to drop some weight and lay her eggs. As...
  5. L

    need to know

    hello, gotta question??????????...................are panther and veileds breeding / and laying process pretty much the same? after mating approx 5-6 weeks till the begin to lay????? and is it possible for a veiled to mate even if she may have a batch of u-fertilized eggs about to be ready to...
  6. junglefries

    laying bin caretaking???

    I currently leave a laying bin in with my females that contains a mixture of playsand and the red & white bag organic topsoil ($1.97) that you see at every lowes & home depot. I learned this true and tried method from here & know its fertility rate. My question(s) are: when to replace the soil...
  7. waynederby

    Cham pregnant? Laying Bin In her cage?

    I think that my cham might be pregnant, and for that reason, i have added a laying bin into my viv... Its been in there 5 hours now and she hasn't been down to it.... Shall i just leave it in there? My cham is around 4.5 months old i believe, she often heads towards the bottom of the cage...
  8. Seeco

    My Methods Part 5 Cheapest Cage Ever and Egg Laying Bins

    I like to do things my own way. The result is often failure, but sometimes I come up with some interesting innovations. I'll be posting a few threads of some things I have slapped together. Instead of explanatory captions I'll just answer any questions you ask. The closer you look the more you...
  9. Debmonster

    Laying bin

    Here's some pics of a laying bin/pot I put together. All the attachments that I use when she's indoors are not shown (UVB lamp, light, etc.)
  10. Female Veiled Chameleon Laying

    Female Veiled Chameleon Laying

    My 3 year old Veiled Chameleon jade laying her eggs. She laid over 70 in total, this being her 3rd time. The 1st time over 90 eggs were laid!!!
  11. Lady B kicking out some eggs.

    Lady B kicking out some eggs.

    Don't have my male and female visually seperated. She kicked out her eggs last week and is doing fine now. Eating like there is no tomorrow.
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