laying bin caretaking???


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I currently leave a laying bin in with my females that contains a mixture of playsand and the red & white bag organic topsoil ($1.97) that you see at every lowes & home depot. I learned this true and tried method from here & know its fertility rate. My question(s) are: when to replace the soil mixture? What to do with the poo that always lands in it? what about the free range crickets who always seem to fall in and die, despite the branches leading out of (i use bird ladders : branches seem too hard for some females to climb afterwards)? i change mine every couple of months and scoop out the poo with a spoon on a daily basis. I am just curious as no one ever talks about after setting up the bin. What led me to start this thread, was reading a couple of worm threads and their terror they incited. Please any and all educate us who are willing to learn and not so stubborn as will not change our ways no matter what. As I have found with chams, you may know it it all when it comes to pythons, geckos, etc.., but with chams we ALL don't know the 1/2 of it.


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I recommend cleaning out the poop as you see it and also every couple of weeks remove the top few inches of sand/soil and replace with new. I also recommend you stir it up every couple of weeks and make sure the moisture is correct for holding a tunnel. Every eight to 10 months I recommend dumping all the old sand/soil, wash out the bin and start fresh with new sand/soli.
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