1. F

    Tiny White Bugs in Ficus Soil

    Hey guys, just cleaning out my panthers cage and we have been using a dripper since the last time I cleaned a couple of weeks ago, the dripper has been amazing for humidity and hes been drinking loads so we thought we on to a winner... but it is making a mess of the cage and also... this has...
  2. junglefries

    laying bin caretaking???

    I currently leave a laying bin in with my females that contains a mixture of playsand and the red & white bag organic topsoil ($1.97) that you see at every lowes & home depot. I learned this true and tried method from here & know its fertility rate. My question(s) are: when to replace the soil...
  3. Echoezra

    Oops... Zelig may have eaten coconut fibre..

    Okay so first off I think Zelig MAY have just accidentally gotten a little bite if soil (coconut coir). I don't have stones in that pot yet, and it was my own dumb fault because the crickets were tiny this time, and I just dumped some on the plant he was sitting on rather than placing them on...
  4. Seeco

    Egg laying bin questions and answers

    There are some great threads running right now about laying bins but I just got this email from a customer so I figured I'd post her questions and my response. One quick thing I'll add is that, regarding the trashcan laying bin method, it is really hard to extract eggs from such a deep...
  5. summoner12

    How to Re-Pot

    So tonight I was re-potting plants for my chams. I took some pics and wanted to share them. This is just how I did it and by no means the bible of re-potting. I do however suggest that you wash all plants with dish soap thoroughly and then rinse thoroughly. The first step was filling the pot...
  6. chamcrazy

    Eggs coming soil?

    My female veiled is gravid and should be depositing her fertile eggs in about a week or more. I have a lot of research on the incubation once she lays them. I went out and got a Hova-bator today. I am R-E-A-D-Y! I realized I haven't spent as much time on researching the best soil for her to...
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