Eggs coming soil?


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My female veiled is gravid and should be depositing her fertile eggs in about a week or more. I have a lot of research on the incubation once she lays them. I went out and got a Hova-bator today. I am R-E-A-D-Y!

I realized I haven't spent as much time on researching the best soil for her to lay her eggs in and I want to make sure I have everything in order for the big day.

I now have her secluded in a fairly small octogon "aquarium" (about 20 gallons) that resembles the recommended trash can shape. I have added approximately 7-8 inches of organic potting soil with a little bit of vermeculite mixed in. It is pretty moist. Of course I have a few plants with sticks to crawl up. It just seems kind of confined, but I've always read they need to be confined when they are gravid. Would you consider this a decent egg laying chamber? As well as the proper soil for the egg laying?

Any help or suggestions would be awesome. I only want the best for my pretty "princess!" THANKS IN ADVANCE.
One of the reasons a trash can is used is because it offers complete privacy. That is of primary importance to the female when egg laying. It doesn't look as though your enclosure will provide enough privacy.

I don't know about the soil/vermiculite mixture. We've always used a soil/sand mixture. It must be moistened with water- well enough that you can build a little tunnel in it and it will allow your hand to pass through w/o collapsing. This is very critical as your cham can be suffocated if her tunnel collapses.

This thread has a great desciption of the trash can method by Will Hayward.


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Sorry, I forgot to mention it's completely covered around all sides with a blanket so she has her privacy. (It's not the picture of the cage on my profile.) Everytime I look over the top to check in on her she catches me! I keep a close eye on the humidity and temp. But I leave her alone as much as possible. My concern is the size. There's not much room for her to move around in. I assume that she probably doesn't need much room because she isn't too terribly active right now. She's getting pretty big. I can see the eggs bulging.
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Just a question, if she will be alone in the trash can at night and lay during the night should the light be on or what?


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Does anyone know the answer to the above question from chameleoneeds?

I would think it would be ok for her to lay without lights, because it would be more like their natural surroundings such as a rain forrest. But that's just my theory. I have not seen or read anywhere that they need to have the lights on at night. I would think is would mess up her sleeping schedule.

Any other thoughts anyone?

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Ofcoarse you would use the same lighting schedule you would totally mess her up if you don't. My chameleons dig and bury eggs all night long then I wakeup and steal them.




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Those photos are really neat. I am concerned mine will do the same and I will miss them in the pot.
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