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  3. D

    Pregnant Jackson care question...

    I have a Jackson cham that I believe to be pregnant. I would like to know if there is some extra care I need to give her to help her stay healthy through her pregnancy...
  4. L

    need to know

    hello, gotta question??????????...................are panther and veileds breeding / and laying process pretty much the same? after mating approx 5-6 weeks till the begin to lay????? and is it possible for a veiled to mate even if she may have a batch of u-fertilized eggs about to be ready to...
  5. Jay Sick

    How long can a female Jackson Retain sperm

    Ok so she laid a clutch on July 4th 2011 which is over a year ago. however in the year that has passed she has beefed up over time has become less active when ever I show her the male she gapes and sways and gets pissed and try to push him off the branch. Now I know they retain sperm and I will...
  6. waynederby

    Cham pregnant? Laying Bin In her cage?

    I think that my cham might be pregnant, and for that reason, i have added a laying bin into my viv... Its been in there 5 hours now and she hasn't been down to it.... Shall i just leave it in there? My cham is around 4.5 months old i believe, she often heads towards the bottom of the cage...
  7. Ethen44

    Does anyone know...?

    How often is it that a panther chameleon will lay a 2nd, or 3rd clutch after one gestation period? I've heard that due to sperm retention they are able to have up to 7 clutches of eggs :O So my question is how long does it take for the female to recover before she starts producing more eggs...
  8. Seeco

    Egg laying bin questions and answers

    There are some great threads running right now about laying bins but I just got this email from a customer so I figured I'd post her questions and my response. One quick thing I'll add is that, regarding the trashcan laying bin method, it is really hard to extract eggs from such a deep...
  9. thealissa

    Will she lay?

    One of my two veiled female chameleons has a clutch of infertile eggs. She is approx. 7.5 months old. It was about two days ago that I noticed the weirdness. She stopped eating, and her eyes began to sink in. Thinking it wasn't because she had eggs (I keep both the girls' temps in the low...
  10. telkins08

    need help with my rudis

    i just recently bought a female rudis from a reptile show i went to and soon after i put it in my cage with my male it immediately showed dark color and aggression towards the male ive heard this might be because its pregant?? she is also pretty large around her belly...
  11. Elizabeth in another Pregnant Mood Swing

    Elizabeth in another Pregnant Mood Swing

    My Female Panther Enjoying photo time while being full of eggs
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