1. 1st gasp of life

    1st gasp of life

    Female veiled chameleon seconds after breaching the egg.
  2. You say YOU had a hard day!

    You say YOU had a hard day!

    Rose right after laying 28 eggs.
  3. Chrysoprase


    My female crested chameleon.
  4. Loretta um... she's paying her way through college.

    Loretta um... she's paying her way through college.

    Loretta wants all the boy veiled chameleons to see this...
  5. Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta was playing in the baby collard greens and swiss chard. She was having THE most fun :3
  6. gorgeous girl is getting so big!!!

    gorgeous girl is getting so big!!!

    She's about 4 or 5 months old ♡
  7. Loretta asleep

    Loretta asleep

    Loretta is so sweet! She is so happy to curl up and sleep on her humans hand.
  8. Carmen came up to me!

    Carmen came up to me!

    She hates being held usually but came right up to me! I put my finger to her and she grabbed it! I spent an hour last night talking to her in a soft voice with her cage open so she may trust me a bit more. She likes me now! Even ate from my hand!
  9. Lunirra

    Jade's 'then and now' photo!

    Here is Jade the day I got her (Feb. 19) and then again today (May 28). They grow so unbelievably fast! The photo of her as a baby, she was on my 6yr old daughter's hand. She was so tiny! :P Looks like 2 completely different Chameleons!
  10. Lunirra

    How Long to Leave Female Veiled in Laying Bin?

    I am not breeding my female Veiled. She is about 7 months old now and I have noticed her pacing in the enclosure, whether it be at the top or bottom, she does it almost every day for the past 4 or 5 days now. She went off food but is still drinking as she is not dehydrated. Resembling the...
  11. reptileguy112

    Veiled Chameleon Coloration (Female)

    Hey guys, I am pretty new to the chameleon world and I was wondering what the coloration of female veiled compared to male is.A lot of websites that give information on veileds just say females have less color than males.I wan't to know specifics because I have one and so when newbies like me...
  12. Norcal55

    6 Month Old Ambilobe Females

    Hello, We have 2 remaining 6 month old female Ambilobe Chameleons available.These girls are great size and will be ready to breed this Spring. $200 each plus shipping or both for $400 shipped. We have a live arrival and 7 day health guarantee. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks...
  13. SimonTheCham

    Uneaven lighting-need suggestions!

    as you can see her cage lighting is super uneven due to a big ficus tree. she loves the ficus with all of her heart but if we put the light directly on top of the cage shell most likely get burnt. im also worried that shell start sleeping over in the front, and if its to cold. i have a red light...
  14. SimonTheCham

    how much should she weigh?

    ive been looking around for a good thread or resource to tfll me how much my female jacksons would be. im not quite shure how old she is, but she jus shrd cd is pretty skinny. havent really seen her eat more than 2-4 crix in about a week now:/ or drink much for that matter. shes about 2-3 inches...
  15. fuzzhc

    Should I be worried now?!

    Ok its been over a week now and there is still no sign of laying. She is still eating and drinking though and looking very fat. I have also got her cage covered up with a white bed sheet so she can't see anyone else. When should it become a vet trip? Edit: she isn't doing much roaming at...
  16. italian chameleon

    my female veiled REALLY hates me :(

    ....she can't even stand my presence in the same room where her cage is (my bedroom). she was improving and becoming slightly less shy (almost hand fed her a couple of times, ALMOST) then, 4 days ago I mistakenly left her cage open and she got out and then got very upset when I caught her and...
  17. ReptiGeek

    She has been named!

    I would like to introduce everyone to the moody-patootie that is Harley Quinn. For those of you who do not know who Harley Quinn is, she's a villain appearing in Batman comic series. She originally plays a psychiatrist in the Arkham Asylum, however when she begins studying The Joker she falls...
  18. Beautiful4Ever

    Chams are getting some great colors!

    Morpheus (1st picture) is showing some great greens and teals :p Super excited to see how he changes in the next five or six months! :D Scarlet (2nd picture) decided to puff up at me for the 1st time...showed some great patterns and subtle coloring. Have had my little ones for about 4...
  19. fuzzhc

    Think something is wrong!!! Please help :(

    Ok so the other day i posted a thread thinking my female panther may have been gravid because she was dark colours and roaming around the bottom of the cage. I went out and bought a laying bin and set it up in her enclosure but she has not even so much looked at it. Today i have came home...
  20. keokeo

    my small (adult) veiled female, ideal enclousure in desert

    Hi everybody! I have an approximately one year old female veiled named Trini. She has no egg laying behavior yet and in general it seems she is doing great. She is friendly and will walk out on my hand and interact with others without signs of fear. I started her in a Zoo Med 12X12X18...
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