Cricket Larvae

I have recently found some cricket larvae when cleaning out the cricket cage. They seemed pretty happy with laying eggs in some of the dead crickets that were in the cage so I scooped them up and put them in some containers with a little water and some holes. They are escaping and I was wondering if there is any recommendations for larvae set-up so they don't escape.

IN essence, what's the best set-up for cricket larvae? I was thinking of dirt in a small bucket with a bit of cheese cloth on the top. I'm not sure what the larvae is supposed to eat etc though :/


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Crickets don't go through a larval stage, so what you're seeing is probably just fruit fly larvae or something like that :)

Crickets lay eggs, usually in moist soil, that hatch a week or two later into tiny, tiny crickets (so small they're called pin-heads.) They look like sugar ants at that size.


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I suppose you could, but it's probably more hassle than it's worth. They can fly so you'd need to keep the container pretty air-tight and keep the babies in a cage that they can't escape from, like a butterfly cage. And be pretty crafty about releasing flies into the cage quickly, before they fly out all over the room.


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After the females lay, the eggs are too tiny and dark color to see. After a week or so, they swell up and turn white, this is when you can actually see them.
I have never heard of they laying in a dead crick.
I think what you are seeing is something else.
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