1. C

    hornworms-is it worth the extra effort to breed?

    So when I got two containers of MD hornworms for my cham they have now doubled in size! Some reaching 4" Still some smaller ones to feed (feeding a full grown male veiled) Can he actually eat those big ones if I let him? Or would those be too much..... Thinking of setting up a breeding...
  2. Galaxy

    Poop question: Moth eggs?

    So, my brat decided to leave me a treat in his feeding cup. I was extremely alarmed at first, thinking some horrible creature was dwelling in my Cham's digestive tract. But then came to the realization that yesterday I had fed him some silkworm moths and that these eggs would most likely be...
  3. Echoezra

    Dumb question about flies...

    So I've read how much chams love flies, any way to get flies for feeders without having to ever risk seeing a maggot? Lol. Or, second note - other flying feeders? (with less shudder-inducing larvae) i think it was waxworms you could turn into moths??
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