Dumb question about flies...


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So I've read how much chams love flies, any way to get flies for feeders without having to ever risk seeing a maggot? Lol.
Or, second note - other flying feeders? (with less shudder-inducing larvae)
i think it was waxworms you could turn into moths??
Yes, you can feed flies to chams.
I know that people sell blue bottle flies on the forums here and you can feed the waxworm moths to the chams.
If you order fly pupae, you won't see maggots. The pupae are kind of like a large brown grain of riice. They are hard and don't move, much less wriggle, much less remind you of what you see in a dead animal.

Give it a try!
Re: pupae

Okay, that sounds a little better. Lol. Thanks.
I'll search about waxworm moths.
Anybody know any other flying snacks I should look up?
waxworm months do not fly, it isnt adviced to catch WC blue bottle flies, horse flies.. but as mentioned, they can be ordered. if done properly, horn and silk moths can fly, but take time to get to that point. There is a member on here who is also a site sponsor, that specializes in non poisonous butterflies as well which is awesome!
Oh, okay I figured they'd be little flying moths. I thought the horn & silk moths were so big they couldn't fly well. Which place is that with the butterflies? Canada?
I wasn't planning on catching any wild bugs for them, although we don't use any chemicals in our yard, and the farm field next to me we only see the farmers maybe twice a year, they spray something when they plant - might be pesticide, might be fertilizer, might be just water, I'm not sure. I would worry about parasites though, but thats my next question then -
So, if I'm not feeding wild bugs on purpose, but if we're taking them outside for real sun, and our outdoor enclosures have larger mesh spaces, how dangerous is it, if a wild fly or mosquito or spider or whatever wanders in there and gets slurped up?
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