The anticipation is killing me!

So I found one of my favorite this is to watch me little one eat! She has such a large cage for her size so I put in a lot of plants, vines, ect. And being free range fed in her cage it is so anticipating watching her go for it and the look in her eyes! Shes so determined! Moved her up to wax worms, she looks like a rock climbing killer! hahah Now only if I could get a good photo without a leaf being in the way!
He finally gave up when his tongue was to short to reach and walked up to it! Hahaha! I've gone to a point of no return! And if your wondering the black spot on him is just a bruise, I took him to the vet the day I saw it and was worried to no end, she has gotten herself in a stick situation of trying to climb straight up a cork log and he little legs were to small to reach the branch above her, but shes happy and healthy:)


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