1. LLLReptile

    Mealworms, superworms, waxworms - shipped overnight!

    All kinds of feeder worms, shipped overnight to your door! Mealworms 500 for $24.95, 1,000 for $26.95 Mini Mealworms $24.95 for 500, $26.95 for 1,000 Giant Mealworms 500 for $27.95, 1,000 for $33.95 Superworms $34.95 for 500, $39.95 for 1,000 Waxworms 250 for $25.95, 500 for...
  2. Kittiekins

    The anticipation is killing me!

    So I found one of my favorite this is to watch me little one eat! She has such a large cage for her size so I put in a lot of plants, vines, ect. And being free range fed in her cage it is so anticipating watching her go for it and the look in her eyes! Shes so determined! Moved her up to wax...
  3. dirklance

    Ever wonder if Waxworms and Mealworms can co-habitate??

    They can't. Haha. I learned this the hard way. I always have a few "treat" items handy for Gordon. So once a week he gets a mealworm, sometimes twice a week. Last week I decided to get a few waxworms to mix up his weekly treat. Without hesitation I just put them in with the mealworms...
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