Ever wonder if Waxworms and Mealworms can co-habitate??


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They can't.


I learned this the hard way. I always have a few "treat" items handy for Gordon. So once a week he gets a mealworm, sometimes twice a week. Last week I decided to get a few waxworms to mix up his weekly treat. Without hesitation I just put them in with the mealworms that I keep in some oats in a little container. The next morning I woke up and went to feed Gordon a waxworm, and there was only ONE left of the FOUR I purchased!! Little jerks...


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Yep it turns out that mealworms are a bit nasty! I put a little silkie that one of the geckos didn't eat in the mealworm dish. It didn't end well for the silkie :(
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