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  1. what'd you call me?

    what'd you call me?

  2. ChameLIonLover

    Using old possibly infested w/parasites plants

    Hi guys, I have 2 pothos, 1 schefflera, 1 hibiscus and 1 bromeliad that I used to have in my old cages before I learned that my cham had coccidia. I realize these plants and their soil could have been the cause of the parasites. Can i repurpose these plants as plants for outdoor/indoor free...
  3. jcarlsen

    Jasper getting some real sunlight

    Hey guys, just wanted to post a quick update on Jasper. We've had him for about 3 weeks, and yesterday was the first day I got him exposed to some real sunlight on his free range plant. He's still a bit skittish around me, so I just let him get on the plant and carefully carried it to the...
  4. jcarlsen

    Sap on Ficus leaves ok?

    Hey guys, so I got my first panther this week, and while I'm not ready to work him up to this yet, I've got a nice spot by my computer with a ficus tree and a window that opens up to let direct sunlight shine in on it in the mornings. I'm hoping to let the little dude out and have him get...
  5. sanitysake

    Finally set up a free range (connectable to cage) for Skittles!

    ...and I think he likes it a lot :D ^ click to enlarge I picked up a ficus tree at a local greenhouse - the trunk is braided loosely so I could easily link it up to one of the vines in the cage. Next to it is a hibiscus and they're both sitting in a tub I got at Lowe's. I noticed that he...
  6. d3s5

    Mellers One Year Anniversary (4-20-14)

    Tomorrow will be one year since I got my first two Melleri. They are doing well. I believe, based on their behavior that I have a male (Medjumbe) and a female (Mocuba). I have seen Medjumbe approach Mocuba tentatively, head bobbing and lobes flapping. When he gets within 10" Mocuba turns black...
  7. MsRulh

    They grow up so fast.

    He's grown up so fast it seems:eek: Azul has finally figured out that I'm not a threat, which has taken a great deal of patience [mostly because of fighting the urges to kiss him all over:D] We give him plenty of space (he thinks his blending is good enough to make him invisible) & gets to...
  8. Kittiekins

    The anticipation is killing me!

    So I found one of my favorite this is to watch me little one eat! She has such a large cage for her size so I put in a lot of plants, vines, ect. And being free range fed in her cage it is so anticipating watching her go for it and the look in her eyes! Shes so determined! Moved her up to wax...
  9. ReptiGeek

    Free-Range and Gizmo

    Just wanted to share with you all the free range I have for my chameleons to explore. Also for a couple hours a day the sun shines right on to the free range, so I open up the window and give my chameleons turns to take in some natural sunlight. The plants within this free range consist of...
  10. d3s5

    Occupy Melleri Room

    I'm so happy my Melleri Room is finally occupied and both chams seem to be very active, eating, and enjoying the rain! Mecuba has been occupying the room for 3 weeks now. Medjumbe joined him/her yesterday. Mecuba Exploring Melleri Room Mecuba Enjoying The Rain Mecuba Needing To...
  11. ChamyLove

    Should I start to FR?

    Hi everyone! So lately I've been reading up a lot on free ranging, and I think it might be good for me to start with my panther. The only concern I have is that I've had him about 3 months and he still isn't too happy about handling. I would need to handle him to get him back in his cage (I...
  12. d3s5

    Melleri Room Finished!

    I had planned on completing this room last July. Permit problems and my wanting things just the way I want them delayed the project. But I'm happy with the results. It was difficult to get photos of the whole room at once because it is so small (9x10), but I hope you like it! I still want to get...
  13. deadhd5

    Start of Malcolm's Free Range

    Malcolm is the first super friendly / curious chameleon I have owned. Everytime I open his enclosure he comes running onto my arm, looking for adventure, and I always feel bad leaving him in the enclosure. So... today I started a free range corner for him in my basement / man area. I got...
  14. ReptiGeek

    Free Range/ Outdoor Playground

    Absolutely obsessed with making things right now since I can finally work outside now that the weather has begun to warm up. I went for a walk down to the beach the other day and picked up a bunch of drift wood. I got quite a few stares walking away with pieces of wood that were nearly the same...
  15. studio2eight

    Life Span - Enclosure VS Free Range

    Has anyone seen a difference in a chameleon's life span when raising them free range versus in an enclosure? Thanks! :D
  16. d3s5

    Out With The Old FR - In With The New!

    I've been working on a new FR for quite some time and have finally finished! Phineas seems quite happy with the results! Mostly I'm happy that I don't have to empty a bucket everyday! It's 6'x3' floor to ceiling, MistKing, 4 48" T5 HO grow lights and a 100 watt MegaRay UV bulb...
  17. d3s5

    Growing Grass

    Awhile ago there was a discussion about growing grass in the bottom of enclosures and how it should be done, etc. I decided to give it a try in my FR. It worked out well in the areas that I planted it. It definitely keeps the humidity up for a longer period of time, but I'm not sure I like the look.
  18. d3s5

    Free Ranging Gone Wild

    Everything was going well for the first 4 months of free ranging. Phineas seemed happy and kept to his FR and the blinds. Then about two months ago he started to become interested in the bird. Staring at the bird and sleeping right behind his cage. I don't know how to tell...
  19. Captive Creations

    Whats your opinion???

    My husband and I are looking at getting some live plants for our chameleons and I am wondering what everyones preferance as to which plants are best? We were thinking about getting Ficus Plants and moving them outside for some free range ( when the weather is right) so even if they are plants...
  20. d3s5

    Problem Solved!

    Phineas' head grew too big to fit through the top bars of his free-range, so he just decided to go up and over! A couple other pics!
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