Start of Malcolm's Free Range


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Malcolm is the first super friendly / curious chameleon I have owned. Everytime I open his enclosure he comes running onto my arm, looking for adventure, and I always feel bad leaving him in the enclosure.

So... today I started a free range corner for him in my basement / man area. I got this great fake bamboo plant at Michael's and some wavy sticks. I plan on incorporating a basking lamp, vines, and a live plant (probably a pothos) over the course of the next couple days. I am going to turn the whole corner from the bamboo plant to the window into a chameleon chill spot.

Any tips from experienced freerangers will be greatly appreciated :)


Malcolm checking out his new pad..

That is too cool! I wish I had the space for a full free range area. My guy is the same way, always looking for an adventure. I open the cage and he comes to see what kind of trouble he can get into :)
I've seen those things at michaels and I also thought it would make a great free range. Nice panther too:)
My cham loves to leave his tree area to go sit on a window and watch outside on a fan that he climbs up, It's hilarious. Looks really good! Your cham's color's are gorgeous!
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