1. Free-range inspiration

    Free-range inspiration

    Some inspirational thoughts for free ranging First, our living room is a large, bright (views on both sides) and pet free living room without small children walking around. Second, the free-range area is at exact the same spot as where a Reptibreeze XL (24´x24´x48´) stood. Many assume...
  2. deadhd5

    Start of Malcolm's Free Range

    Malcolm is the first super friendly / curious chameleon I have owned. Everytime I open his enclosure he comes running onto my arm, looking for adventure, and I always feel bad leaving him in the enclosure. So... today I started a free range corner for him in my basement / man area. I got...
  3. d3s5

    Out With The Old FR - In With The New!

    I've been working on a new FR for quite some time and have finally finished! Phineas seems quite happy with the results! Mostly I'm happy that I don't have to empty a bucket everyday! It's 6'x3' floor to ceiling, MistKing, 4 48" T5 HO grow lights and a 100 watt MegaRay UV bulb...
  4. C

    Jungle Apartment / Cham villa!!

    So I think I have gone off the deep end a lil bit... I have two chams as pictured and both of them free range and will walk across my floor to hang out occassionaly or switch plants, so I built a bamboo highway for them to travel as they please *Still a work in progress, but the structure is...
  5. d3s5

    Free Ranging Gone Wild

    Everything was going well for the first 4 months of free ranging. Phineas seemed happy and kept to his FR and the blinds. Then about two months ago he started to become interested in the bird. Staring at the bird and sleeping right behind his cage. I don't know how to tell...
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