Out With The Old FR - In With The New!


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I've been working on a new FR for quite some time and have finally finished! Phineas seems quite happy with the results! Mostly I'm happy that I don't have to empty a bucket everyday! It's 6'x3' floor to ceiling, MistKing, 4 48" T5 HO grow lights and a 100 watt MegaRay UV bulb.

Helped me every step of the way. Not one of those chams bothered by change!

Decided this would be a good place to sleep to track my progress.

Still has plenty of tree climbing on his ficus, PVC tree, and canela.

Sent the bird on vacation during the last phase. Phineas took full advantage to having access to the cage.

Spent several nights sleeping on the branch with orange bird.

Hope you like it!



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WOAH:eek: You have the luckiest cham in the world. That is so cool :D Question, what is that tree to the left in the first and second pic?


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WOAH:eek: You have the luckiest cham in the world. That is so cool :D Question, what is that tree to the left in the first and second pic?
Thanks! The tree is a canela tree. It's the same kind as the one toward the bottom next to the television. Lowe's gets them in once in awhile and I love them. They are really sturdy. Phineas loves them too. I've had three for over 18 months and they are all still living!


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Wow this is amazing. I'm sure ur cham is loving it!
Yes he is - I am including more photos of his explorations!

Will you come do this at my house? AMAZING!!!
Well, I'd need to stay for months and you'd have to have a plumber drill a two inch hole through your house. . .

That looks fantastic and he really seems to be enjoying it!!
Thanks Carol - adding more pictures of him enjoying it!

WOW...that's all I can say!

You have put some thought and time into this project!

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Thanks Gary. After getting to know Phineas' personality, I actually did set it up for both of us. Something nice for me to look at and something challenging for him to explore and not too overgrown. His last FR was way to crowded for him. He is not a cham that likes to be hidden . . . ever. Well, except when he is spying on the neighbors.

He's almost explored every pot.

Tried over. Let's try under.

Well, that was easy!


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:DSo... when we move and get everything set up, I plan on have a cham room ALL to themselves (hubby doesnt know this yet!). So I know the person to holler at to come do my cham room =)

Really nice job!


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I LOVE IT. Love, love, love! It has to be one of the prettiest, sharpest looking free ranges I've ever seen. And as it all grows in it'll look even better. Thank you for giving me great ideas for my next project once I'm out of this apartment.


Hands down the best free range I have come across , my only question is where do you feed him? Or is he hand feed-able?
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