Left eye has been closed for a while!

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So, I have a young Panther Cham and we have had him for a long time now. He is still under a year old and has been thriving. (I don't want to waste time filling out the form so please don't respond if that's all you want to tell me) We haven't had a problem until he shed this past time about a week or so ago. Right after we noticed his left eye looks like it is stuck shut. We were thinking it could be a piece of his shed but we can't see anything nor get anything to come out. He gets very angry if we try to touch it and it seems like when we do touch it, it is very painful. We have tried heavy misting to keep it moist and we tried using a wet q-tip to gently move the eye and see if we could help get any debris out but nothing seems to help
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I didn't fill out the form because his lighting and enclosure are fine. Also, he eats perfectly fine as well with vitamins and calcium too. His mouth is not what I was asking about. He cut his mouth in the front and has been healing up. It scabbed in the front. He has medicine for it too. His eye was my concern. I have filled out the health form so many times whenever I have had the simplest of questions and no one even pays attention to it. If you don't want to help answer the question I asked or give input about the problem then simply don't comment. Having a bunch of people yell at me over not filling out a form is a bit much. Attacking people is not a good way to speak to someone and what I find ridiculous is that more than one person got mad that I didn't fill out the form. I do not need repeating comments stating that I didn't fill the form out. I clearly stated not to respond if that's the only thing you were going to say. I have seen so many people get bullied on here over this form and I won't stand for it. If you don't want to help, then keep your comments to yourself.


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Nobody yelled at you or attacked you. Asking for you to fill out the form gives the experts and experienced keepers on here a starting point at which to attempt to help you. With your attitude I would be surprised if anyone offers to help. BRING THE CHAM TO THE VET, there, I yelled at you, are you happy now?
I didnt realize you could yell over the internet. the help form is just that tho.. to help and maybe there is something that is causing this issue via lighting ect.. how is anyone supposed to say okay here's a picture now figure out what's wrong.. I'm sure if you take your Cham to a vet they would ask background on your Cham like the questions in the help form.. was there any bulling here? I didn't see it...
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And to add to that you asked for help with this issue back in November and it's still not better.. you haven't once filled out the help form I'm sure you can figure it out like you said months ago poor Cham it's been having this mouth issue and eye issue for months.
Please look over the thread that I post the link to below. There is a lot of good info there! Sometines, a fresh eye/extra eyes can see things you don't! People are not trying to pick on you, but we can not give you the best possible answers without as much info as possible. Also, gettng defensive, in general is a indication of some kind of guilty feeling! I am not saying that it is the case in this situation but the gut feeling people would get from reading posts like this is: "wow, what is wrong here, what are they trying to cover up, why so defensive!"

On the other hand, it is hard enough to come to a public forum asking for help! For future reference, by filling out the form you actually draw less attention and keep a lower profile.

Hope this helps!


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There almost seems to be film, or something dried shutting the eye, please post more pictures. How do you know his care is the best? No offense, but the way you said "wasting" your time filling out the form just seemed weird, if you're asking for help, you should be willing to fill out the form for your chameleon to get help, and for the experienced keepers to understand the situation better. You said the mouth problem was caused prior, we could have seen that and the medications used in the "History" section of the ask for help form. Please fill out the form, and post some close up pictures, and definitely check out @Matt Vanilla Gorilla's eye health thread, there is a lot of good info. Hope this helps, and I am hoping the little guy gets better! Happy Chameleon Keeping! :):p:D:p:D:) (Not trying to criticize, just some advice. :))


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I am more concerned about his mouth than his eye. That sure does not look like a scab on his mouth. I am guessing if you have medicine for this, that his mouth is being treated by a vet? What medicine is it you are giving for his mouth? It looks like a bad infection to me and does not appear that your chameleon can even close his mouth. As far as the eye, I would take him to the vet and have that evaluated also. If it has been like this since November, it needs to be taken care of.
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