Left eye has been closed for a while!

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by cstocke, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member

    Mine had an eye problem (she was closing one eye nearly all the time for 5+ days) that was resolved by taking her to the vet. They had an ophthalmologist onsite who ran a test, diagnosed the problem, gave her a shot, and prescribed an ointment that entirely resolved the problem. Good luck to you :)
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  2. CJ's Exotics

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    I thought the OP said that once he shed, the previous eye problem was corrected? OP, the fact that you have filled it out "SO many times" indicates maybe an ongoing problem.
  3. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    How has the red bump been doing? That could have been the start of it. You never replied on your other thread in November if I could see a picture after the shed cleared it away.
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  4. Mitch77

    Mitch77 Member

    It's a shame the OP has most likely decided to ignore this thread, he has a lot of people that seem to care and want to do right by his chameleon . Putting off good advice and questions that could possibly help or save your pet , because you feel you were yelled at isn't showing me you have the pets best interest at heart. Hopefully you will come back and let people help you out , if not best of luck with your chameleon i hope she gets better, and see's a vet real soon.
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  5. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member

    Hi there, we don't actually know whether he's putting off good advice offered on this particular thread or just prefers to not write on the forum any longer. We also can't know for certain whether he has his pet's best interest at heart since we have no idea what happened. And we all might define what constitutes our pet's "best interest" somewhat differently. However, the fact that he wrote to begin with suggests some concern about his pet.

    Anyhow, I wish him and his pet well, and hope that he takes the advice people offered into account in making a decision about next steps with the treatment of his cham :)
  6. Kristen99

    Kristen99 Avid Member

    I would like to think your right but this problem started months ago and the advice then was for this beautiful little creature to be seen by a vet and here he is in worse shape. This is what frustrates me about the forms there is plenty of good advice given but the actual willingness to provide what these animals need is unfortunately sometimes not in the owners priory's. I've seen many chameleons deteriorate from lack of knowledge or funds ect. to provide what they need and it makes me sad. I hope for the best maybe it's just the pessimist in me that assumes the worst. Either way it's sad. @Julia777 i admire your positive attitude this world definitely needs more people like you.
  7. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    With all due respect, you don't know what the owner is doing right now. For all we know, the chameleon is in the vet right now, and all these people criticizing harshly is not really helping. At least the owner reached out, many would not post a thread or reach out for help. We don't know what the owner is going through, and I think the best we can do is just provide any emotional support and give more advice, with the chameleons best interest in our minds. If everybody is just criticizing harshly, the owner is less likely to respond nicely or do what is advised. Not trying to criticize, but the best we can do is just help without criticizing.
  8. Kristen99

    Kristen99 Avid Member

    Your absolutely right! I have no idea what the owner is doing right now.. i truly hope the best for this owner and chameleon but the way that things were so arrogantly said made me uncomfortable and frankly upset. I unfortunately have a different outlook on this kind of prolonged neglect weather it be intentional or not and I hope that they seek medical attention for their chameleon. All I'm saying is this is a common problem on the forms and it saddens me. I hope for the best but it is frustrating when clearly there is and was a problem starting a long while ago and no advice was taken then. (Correct me if I am wrong but I thought you suggested to take the Cham to the vet for possible mouth rot on the original plea for help) and was brushed off saying it was due to shed.. to say that everything is up to par and there is nothing wrong with the husbandry I feel is foolish and ignorant as well.. Thank you tho for also keeping a positive approach I wish I could look at situations like this that way.
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  9. Kristen99

    Kristen99 Avid Member

    If someone is not going to get care for their Chamaeleon based on other peoples criticism then I think that is vary unfortunate and immature.
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  10. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    I think the OP did get medication for the mouth. That was very well said.
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  11. Mitch77

    Mitch77 Member

    I'm just gonna put this out there .Sorry if i stepped on any toes , it wasn't my attention Nor did i say in my post that i didn't think the OP wasn't doing what was best for his chameleon , i made an assumption based on his answers, maybe that was wrong, lesson learned . Although making an assumption that everything is fine and dandy is just that also, an assumption ,truth is till he responds we don't know .My intention wasn't to make the OP look bad , my concern was with the chameleon ,it's been like that since november looking at the past pics . Really it just breaks my heart seeing a helpless animal that depends on our care have to go thru this . I hope for the best for both of them.
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  12. Kristen99

    Kristen99 Avid Member

    If the OP reads this please, you need to get your Cham to the vet I suspect mouth rot that is now at an advanced stage the infection may have already caused loss of the eye completely
    please read this and seek medical help. I know you said you are using reptaid but this will not help without a culture done to pin point the problem exactly and get proper antibiotics.. if it is mouth rot at this stage he may need surgery.. this is not something that will just heal by its self and will be the demise of your beautiful animal.

    Because this disease is secondary to another condition, that condition should be identified, and treated at the same time the treatment of the stomatitis is initiated. Without addressing the underlying condition, the infection will most likely return once treatment is terminated.

    In those instances where the stomatitis is diagnosed in its earliest stages, addressing husbandry and/or nutrition issues is often the first step. Sometimes something as simple as warming the environment will assist in the recovery of a mild case. The lesions are debrided (dead or dying tissue is removed), any abscesses are opened and drained, the area is repeatedly flushed with an antiseptic solution, and topical antibiotics or silvadene cream may then be applied. These procedures need to be repeated daily until the lesions are healed.

    When there is considerable tissue involvement, surgery may be necessary to remove any affected bone or deeper tissues. In most cases, antibiotic therapy is best administered via injection, either intra-muscularly (IM) or directly into the affected areas.
  13. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Chameleon Enthusiast

    I would agree, and definitely do your research on behavioral fevers too, OP.
  14. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member

    Hi Kristen. I wasn't intending to suggest that there were not necessarily problems, just pointing out that sometimes conclusions are drawn (on this forum and everywhere else in life) that are partly based on speculation. I think it's awesome how much you and the others on this forum care and the heartfelt warmth is deeply touching, but sometimes people get angry/judgmental and can scare people off of the forum. And I don't think that people ought to be ridiculed for having hurt feelings when people on the forum come on strong. Some people are sensitive and that's okay. Also, just because good advice is given doesn't mean it will be taken. Heck, I give family and friends advice all the time (excellent advice, in my opinion...lol) and I am impressed if people act on 5% of it. And they give me lots of advice and I only apply a certain amount. There are a whole host of reasons we don't take each other's advice, but people ultimately get to make their own choices. I guess, with regard to the forum, I always hope that people take the awesome advice that you and others give, but I hope the dialogue is as respectful as possible even if they don't take all of the advice. And whether they take 5%, 10%, 50%, or 90%, it's better than taking none and all and still cause for celebration (even if you are sad about the remainder of the advice that wasn't taken). I hope that helps to clarify where I was coming from. I certainly didn't intend to offend you or anyone else, so I apologize if I did. Have a wonderful night :)
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  15. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member

    Hi Mitch...I ought to not have singled you out. I think there were a lot of passionate, somewhat heated comments on this thread and after reading a certain number, I felt compelled to speak up in the service of peace. But you could be right that the owner could do more. Just think of parenting in general - parenting kids....who can't be critiqued and who can't do more? I have tons of things in my own life, and in the way I relate to other people, that I could improve upon. I think I'll be a work in progress forever...lol. I had birds for many years and initially the care I gave them was atrocious (out of ignorance). I later became more experienced, and the birds I had then had their own room and were flying free, had several jungle gyms, and I made them homemade organic bird food. So it's process and people evolve on their own timeline. Acceptance, kindness, and patience help people to unfold faster than anything else, so that approach is a win-win.

    That said, I hope everyone keeps the awesome advice coming! This group was a godsend to me when my cham was sick and after she died. It's one of the reasons I would like to make friends locally with some cham owners - this group clearly consists of unusually thoughtful and caring people :)
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  16. Mitch77

    Mitch77 Member

    That was nicely put Julia777 , i think when reading its easy to take things out of context because we cant hear intonations in people's voice or see their body language which makes a big difference in how things are perceived . I would never want to chase away anyone seeking help or make them feel bad for asking a question and trying to be a better owner for their pets, that being why these forums are here , to learn, help, and meet people that share the same love and passion for an animal or hobby.

    We all know there is a learning curve for caring for any animal , some more than others, as some pets like cats and dogs are something we have been accustomed too most likely because we had them as young children in the household, generally a feeding and cleaning schedule will do the trick, most don't have special needs like UVB ,enclosures etc.and i find in general reptiles seem to be that one animal that needs a lot of research and certain financial considerations if its to be done right, so the animal can thrive, and both owner and pet are happy . In some cases the needs of the animal and the financial considerations are looked at after the purchase as often some people will buy on impulse or haven't considered vet bills, even trying to find one can be a challenge, bulb replacements, food costs, the needs and requirements as examples. This does not make them bad people , as i am sure anyone that buys a pet does it because they love them and they have their best interest at hand. But some homework can go a long way and save a lot of stress for both the animal and its keeper and its the responsible thing to do.

    My answer reflected the fact that many people were trying to help , and did care , and no responses to the questions were given,so that confused me, my thoughts were with the chameleon's well being. I must admit i was a little shocked at some of the responses that came after my post for it was never my intention to bash anyone as i did say in my earlier post, but if that was how it was perceived then i do apologize,i think i was frustrated more than anything.

    In ending this i will say your response was 100% correct, at the end of the day we are here to encourage and seek knowledge and the way to go about that is with understanding and kindness , thank you for your well thought out response !

    (Also sorry in advance if my post is hard to read, english is not my first language so my grammar and punctuation aren't always the best when i write)
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  17. Julia777

    Julia777 Established Member


    Hi Mitch. Having read your post, I would have guessed you were a native English speaker. There was nothing confusing about what you wrote. And, despite being a bit of a grammar geek, I noticed no grammatical errors either…lol (not that I would care if there were any). What is your first language? And how the heck did you learn English so well? I am studying Spanish and am a super slow learner, so always welcome any language learning tips.

    Sorry that you were frustrated. I tried to be thoughtful in how I responded, but I’m sure I could have responded in a better way. I think I could have been more sympathetic to your concerns about the cham alongside of making my other points. However, it’s always easier to see that in hindsight ;)

    You are so right about it being ideal to research chams before buying. My niece bought the cham that I helped to care for, on impulse. She was at a reptile expo and fell in love with the little gal (as did I, later). My sister, niece, and I had no idea of the expenses involved or the complexity of the care. And so there was a huge, overwhelming learning curve that we all took on, and a significant financial investment. I likely spent 50+ hours researching optimal cham care and eventually happened upon this forum, which restored my sanity…lol. But I definitely agree that it would have been sooo helpful had we done some research prior to the purchase and gotten things well set up in advance. But, as you say, you can't always anticipate what you are getting into.

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply : )
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  18. Mitch77

    Mitch77 Member

    I was born on the east coast of Canada in a small french speaking town.Both parents had a french upbringing so the language spoken at home was french. We then moved to Toronto Canada which is predominantly English speaking when i was about 7 and i had no problem picking it up , i was also young enough that no noticeable accent could be detected, kids pick up things so fast at a young age.

    My problem was that all my education was done in french schools , so i never really mastered English grammar or writing skills, i am fine speaking it, till i put my words on paper and sometimes it just all becomes a bit of a mess lol , its funny how the brain works sometimes because when speaking orally i never have that issue. As for the spelling thank you spellcheck ! lol I'm sure at times you will pick on on little things as i make posts and ask questions. I plan on doing a lot that during the coming year as i am planning a big move by year's end, and hopefully be set up for a chameleon shortly after that . I look forward to everyone's help and knowledge on these beautiful animals.

    Thanks for your comment on my English i go over what i write many times and try to make it as clear and concise as possible. I am a bit of a perfectionist so it makes me a lot more comfortable posting knowing what i wrote was understood clearly . :)
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  19. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Your written English, including the grammar, is excellent compared to my horrible written French which lacks all agreement and sometimes the verbs are in the wrong tense! My French grandfather would laugh if he could hear me!
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  20. Bmjo

    Bmjo Member

    I had the same problem with shed being stuck in his eye he’ll find a way to get it out i use teabags and let in sit in warm water for a couple minutes and ring it out and let it sit on his eye for about 10 minutes a day but i would go and get his mouth looked at

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