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Please help!!!

I’m worried about my Spike boy. Today he is acting a little bit weird. He is hanging out towards the bottom of his enclosure and seems a lot more lethargic than usual. When I approach his enclosure and even open the door he just stays in the same spot looking at me. (Which is out of character as he is normally more skittish. ) we have also caught him closing his eyes at moments. He was acting normal yesterday and he just recently moved so I figured he was just a little shook up. But do I need to be worried?? UVB is Arcadia raised a few inches up and proper heat bulb. I put my hand near him and he didn’t move either which normally he would. Thank you in advance 🙏 please pray for my baby

Circled area is where he is hanging out. Diet- crickets, hornworms , (have tried Dubias and he won’t touch them, have some bsfl arriving today to try. Dust without d3 weekly, and reptivite twice a month We use a dripper for a bit everyday and mist after lights off and before they come on. He hasn’t been eating much lately but he was shedding so I figured that could be part reason Spike is also 4 years old.


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So what is new? Is the set up new for him? What plants do you have in there?
We just had moved his enclosure out of the closet and into the main room. So nothing really new just new sights and environments for him which he was quite cautious of at first.
So what is new? Is the set up new for him? What plants do you have in there?
He did just move a little bit higher up to one of his more frequented spots. Maybe I overreacted but with him getting older I just worry about him!! I will keep an eye on him for any more unnatural behavior…
I moved my chameleon to a new enclosure and it’s taken a couple months for him to act himself again… I’m praying he’s ok and everything turns out
Thank you!! We moved his enclosure from the closet to main bedroom about a week ago so it’s a lot more to observe and see and I think he might have been overwhelmed.
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