Dragon Strand Naturalistic Vivaria at San Diego Show


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Dragon Strand will be at the San Diego Reptile Super Show next weekend. If you are at the show stop by, ask for Bill and introduce yourself! Come see in person what can be done with the Breeder Series caging. The solid walls and structural branch holders, invented by Dragon Strand, give you an enormous amount of freedom to create a beautiful environment. Yes, these cages can be used by breeders who want an easy maintenance, efficient and effective caging system. But they can also be used by keepers who have creativity and a taste for beauty! This is just one possibility:


That Medium Wide Breeder Cage used to look like this


Whether or not you are able to join us at the show feel free to hop on over to my blog (under profile DeremensisBlue) where I will be going over how to make chameleon enclosures something more than what many of us have been doing.

Happy Chameleon Wrangling!
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